Simple Way to use your Gmail address for multiple accounts

How to use your Gmail address for multiple accounts

I came across an Idea regarding how you can create accounts on social media –or anything else for that matter- using just one email

I personally have multiple Twitter & Pinterest and other accounts so this was a really great insight and a time saver.

 But the catch is that you have to have a Gmail Account.  I’m almost positive you use the Gmail service already if you use Google for analytics, authorship or other.

In case you want to create a new account using the same address, let’s say on Twitter, all you have to do is just type in a  dot  in your email address when signing up.

Let’s better explain it  a little more…

Let’s say you have a personal twitter account and you use this email to log in:

and you want to create a twitter account for your new blog using the same address.

What you have to do is add the dot (.) anywhere you wish. So it will look like this…

When placing the dot anywhere in the address –apart from the “” extension- you can sign up to any place you wish to create multiple accounts.

Google Gmail will disregard the dot (.) but to the site (in this case Twitter) it’s an entirely new address being created.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



Sam Ammouri

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