Can Your Website Survive Not Being Mobile Friendly Nowadays?

Mobile Friendly Blogs and Websites- Can They Survive If Not?

Nowadays I can bluntly say that a website that is not mobile friendly is no longer a website and is doomed to failure. Studies proved that 40% if not more of your audience loss is becausemastering1 you haven’t mobilized your blog, your business or personal blog is invisible to millions of people on the world. Add IPads and other mobile devices and your potential audience melts in cyberspace.

Yes, Your blog is invisible to most folks on the Planet because it’s not mobile-friendly. Most bloggers, in fact, are losing millions of potential readers because their sites are not mobile friendly.

Website Masters Think Mobile Or Else!

Many recent surveys shows that most bloggers are unaware that their blogs don’t display correctly (or even appear) on the majority of mobile phones around the world. In one survey some one wrote… There’s no point doing anything for “feature phone” users because too few of those people actually go online with their phones.”

And another one wrote… “Regular mobiles are a nightmare because they have small screens, and it is cumbersome to surf with them anyway.

I do not see many people using them for the internet.”. One more wrote… “In a couple of years, the regular mobile will be gone probably anyway. So, adapting your website now for old mobiles is nothing but a waste of time.”, None of the above comments is closer to the facts.

Of the five billion cell phones currently active on around the world, about 2 billion now have access to the mobile Internet and the number is growing daily. Most of the two billion with Web access are using feature phones, not smartphones, and they’re not going to disappear anytime soon.

Google Analytics

By now I assume you do have Google Analytics installed on your blog,  go to Visitors/Mobile Devices. Once you see these numbers, you’ll want to immediately mobilize your blog. Google Analytics in general provides extensive stats of your website and mobile such as:  mobile operating system (handset), browser, screen resolution, traffic source, keyword, landing page, country, language and many more. You can review the stats in two adjacent columns.

So, for instance, you can view country and keyword simultaneously, revealing which keywords generated visitors to your blog from mobile phone users in different locations. The Comparison of mobile vs. non-mobile visitors is also helpful if you want to further target handset type, carrier or world region.

Drilling down further shows you virtually unlimited data about phone visitors to your blog. Sorting the columns helps you learn the behaviors of your blog traffic.

How Can I Mobilize My Blog?

With todays technology travelling at the speed of sound, now all you have to do is to make sure your them is mobile friendly, such them will do all the work for you.

Of course there is some themes that are more efficient in doing so more than others, but these are preserved for the one who’s willing to pay a few bucks for it, I guess these guys have to make a living someway.

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