7 Simple Ways To Choose Your Perfect Domain Name

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7 Simple Ways To Choose Your Perfect Domain Name

As we start the long journey of work on creating a new website we usually start with its name. I’m not saying that this is the best task to begin with. We probably could focus on something else in this early stage of work (things like doing some basic market research), but the temptation of coming up with a name is just too big to fight off.domain4

No doubt about The thousands of factors which can be taken into account when coming up with a name. I usually focus on just 6 of them, And here we go…

  1. The Type of name
  2. It’s Availability
  3. The Ease of memorizing
  4. It’s Clearness
  5. The Legality
  6. It’s Coolness

So how do you choose a domain name?

1- The Type of the name

It’s the first decision. A name of certain type will clearly determine the website itself and the market which the website is intended for, it will also help the potential visitors to decide whether they want to check it out or not.

Shorting the story, there are basically only 3 main types: semantic, unusual, and combined. So after you choose the right one for you, you can proceed to the next…

2- The Availability

This topic doesn’t really require any additional detailing… you can’t register a name that has already been registered.

You can always use a suffix, though if you are fully determined on a particular domain to force its availability.domain2

3- The Ease of memorizing

This is a key factor. If your name is hard to memorize then it’s very obvious no one would be able to keep it in mind. So it can’t be too complicated or too long. You have to make the website as easy to reach as possible. The shorter the name the better it is.

4-  The Clearness

If possible create the name in a way that it contains as much information about your website as possible. It’s a difficult task if you’ve chosen an unusual name, and only slightly easier with a combined name. The goal is to notify the visitor what the website is about using the name of your website itself.

And If you are using a semantic name, then the job is pretty much done. For example if you have a toy store somewhere in florida, then the name floridatoystore.com is self revealing.

5- The Legality

Even if you can put your hands on a domain like fordmotors.fff, I still wouldn’t advise you to do so. This one is obvious, but it’s always good to check if the domain that interests you, can be legally obtained.

My advice. Don’t register anything containing a trademark (except the situation when you have the rights to do so.

6- The Coolness

We all know– a boring thing is a boring thing– Having a boring domain is just… boring. So go ahead and make sure your domain is interesting, alive, energetic, etc. … just make sure that it’s cool and interesting.

7-  The dashes

The general advice around is that you shouldn’t use dashes in the domain name. But I have my domain1own opinion on that one, I don’t agree with it (doesn’t make any sense to me.

I believe that names without dashes are better and easier to rank in the search engines (when it comes to specific keywords other than the name itself). They are better-looking. They are easier to memorize, and they are easier to dictate.

Having a domain with dashes hadn’t stopped many successful websites from having the impact they had. So it doesn’t really matter? But let me give you In case you want to use a semantic name, and try to target specific keywords within your niche, then it’s better to use a name without dashes. These types of websites tend to get better rankings in Google for the keywords they contain,If you are not going to use a semantic name, then it doesn’t really matter.

 Domain name registration

And now if you already know what name you’re going to use, then the only thing left now is to register it. And when you are done with that – just like I said in one of the previous posts – the journey has just begun. Because creating, and then promoting a new website is a very long journey.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



Sam Ammouri

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