A2 Hosting Review-How Good Is it?

A2 Hosting.com Ultimate Review And How Good Is it?


What is A2 Hosting All About?

With Web Hosting – Always making sure you get…

High Performance Swift Servers:

No one  likes slow websites. Neither do your visitors. The bottom line is if your site loads slowly, your visitors and potential customers will just hit the back button on their browser to find a different site.

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Most reports show a mere 1-second delay in your site’s page load speed can cause a 7% decrease in your conversion rate, about 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction and 11% fewer page views. Even Google grades slow websites lower in their search rankings.

A2 Hosting service can help. As a product of 10+ years of experience, The company’s SwiftServers come fine-tuned for performance and your account includes speed boosting tools.

The company’s SwiftServers feature:


  • Solid State Drives (SSDs) Option – Up To 300% Faster Page Loads
  • Quadruple Redundant Network
  • Fine-Tuned By their Guru Crew
  • No Server Overloading
  • US & European Server Locations
  • Free CloudFlare Content Delivery Network
  • CloudLinux OS
  • Instant Account Activation
  • 10 Gb/s Redundant Network
  • 64 GB RAM Server Minimum
  • 12 Core Server Minimum


An Amazing Uptime:

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Sure A2hosting could tell you how reliable your server will be, but they thought you should see for yourself. These are real uptime statistics for each of the services the company offer. Want more uptime stats? The company have a detailed Server Uptime Report for all their public servers.

A Plus:

  1. A2 hosting has a Superb 24/7/365 Support From their Guru Crew Team
  2. The Best Developer Tools ever around


A2 Hosting Is focused on delivering the type of hosting they would want to use themselves.
 Which means
  • ultra-reliable performance on their exclusive SwiftServer platform.
  •  All-inclusive hosting with no hidden fees.
  •  US-based around the clock support from their Guru Crew. A2hosting is a developer too, so when a new technology comes along they are just as eager to use it as you are. They’ll make it available to you as quickly as they can.

I do personally recommend this company and planning to transfer some of my 12 website to their state of the art hosting soon.

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