Affiliate Marketing Fully Revealed- Advantages & Benefits

The Advantages & Benefits of Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, an advertiser can be a company selling a product like electronics, airline tickets, clothing or cars and car parts, or it could also be an insurance company selling policies.

Once an Affiliate walks in, all he of she has to do is register and when accepted, grab the company banners and other available marketing tools, stick the banners into your website pages, promote your website and products diligently and wait for your commission checks or deposits.



This is the best part, nothing that you have to do other than tracking your links, promoting your website for more traffic of course, wait for your checks in your mailbox, or check your bank account numbers.

Of course this might not be the case with everyone out here, but remember- “the harder you work the bigger the reward”. It’s always this way and is not going to change.


All you need to be an affiliate is a connection to the internet, and remember- it is absolutely more professional and profitable if you have a website, don’t let this scare you, nowadays website are very easy to make and you even can have them FOR FREE.



As an affiliate you never have to worry about creating products or renting stores and purchasing endless supplies adding the fact that the whole endeavor may even not work!  “can you imagine the painful losses that will incur!”.



 Most companies go through hell to market a new discovered product, the have to go through endless procedures and testing a zillion land pages and email sales letters to finally settle for something acceptable. You as an affiliate will have all this hard work delivered to you on a silver plate.




An I previously mentioned all you need to be an affiliate is an internet connection, yes, a website is very important but you could do without it using social media, youtube, and other places like

The final puzzle is you need an trusted and ethical affiliate programs to join since the big guys are very hard to join sometimes.

Here is a few trusted programs with good commission percent  you can join- The good thing about these programs is they run their own affiliate program, this way you don’t have to join a network that hardly accept any website unless your site draws thousand of visitors daily.

1- DomainIt– This is a host and domain name registry company- they have a nice affiliate program of their own and offer a nice generous residual commission.

2- A2Hosting– This also another trusted website hosting company, What I love about these companies is when you make a sale you’ll get the initial commission of the sale plus a monthly percentage as long as the member continues with her/his membership.

3- Trim down Global– This is a weight loss company that have a brilliant affiliate program with generous commission, what I like about this program is the fact that you can recruit other affiliates and get extra commission every time they make a sale.

A-Webber. This is an email marketing and address capturing company,  They run their own affiliate program, you’ll earn a very nice commission percentage and residual income. a good company with ethical values.

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