AffiloBlueprint-Ultimate Review- How Good Is It

AffiloBlueprint-Ultimate Review- How Good Is It?

By- Sam Ammouri


mark ling

Mark Ling- AffiloRama CEO


If I dislike something about most affiliate products online is – Just because the product creator can make $800 or a $1000  per day with it (assuming the screenshots are real), it does not mean that they have the ability to teach you how to do the same.

Yes! they may have the skills to earn that kind of income, but in most cases YOU won’t be able to earn like that unless THEY have the teaching skills needed. This is a whole different skill set which quite frankly, a lot of marketers do not have.

And in order to get anywhere close to the full earning potential from a particular product, the creator needs to be able to get the message through in a clear and simple way that anyone looking at it can understand it, no matter what their existing experience and skill levels are.

To my personal opinion Affiloblueprint definitely ticks that box. Mark Ling has a great handle on how to explain things so they are very easy to understand and implement for yourself.

Most of the program videos are around 10 minutes in length, which is just perfect so you can move through it a little bit at a time without feeling overwhelmed. And For those who prefer to read, every video lesson has been transcribed into PDF format, complete with pictures and diagrams.


AffiloBlueprint is the most popular product among affiliates today, AffiloBlueprint gives customers a step-by-step guide to how to create a successful affiliate website. It teaches them how to make and design a site, ,how to monetize it and how to drive traffic to it.



Key Product Benefits:

  1. It takes the confusion and mystery away: new affiliates want to know the step-by-step same  way that millionaire affiliates build their sites. AffiloBlueprint goes step-by-step, with nothing left out – including custom-built wordpress theme, The AffiloTheme.
  2. The product has Real-time support: customers don’t just create a website blindly; they can send their new websites to support staff, and they will help them make them even better. They can also ask them questions and get fast answers.
  3. It Stops customers from bleeding money: new affiliates end up buying too many tools they don’t need. AffiloBlueprint teaches them how to use free tools and get success using them.


What Is Included In The Package

  1. A 12-part video series that goes step-by-step on how to create an affiliate website, drive traffic to it and how to monetize it.
  2.  85 video lessons plus.
  3. A Structured homework tasks to keep Affiliates on track.
  4. Includes the powerful Affilotheme WordPress theme, which makes creating optimized and highly-converting websites easy.
  5. A Free Affilotheme hosting for up to 5 websites.
  6. Instant Access to support staff and forums to have their questions answered, and to have free advice for their websites.
  7. A bonus 1 month free access to AffiloTools  and Premium




Who Is This Product For?

  • For Beginner affiliates that want a fool-proof, step-by-step guide to follow.
  • For Intermediate affiliates that want a rinse and repeat system that is proven to work.
  • For advanced affiliates that would like more training in using PPC marketing to grow their email lists, and want training from a trusted, proven product.

If I can be of any further help please leave me a comment in the box below, I’ll be more than happy to give you a helping hand

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