Algorithm- The definition- The History And Education

Algorithm- The definition- The History And Education

Created around 815. AD by an Arab mathematician- Mohammed Eben Musa Al Kawarezmi .  Algorithm kawarizmi(pronounced AL-go-rith-um) And it is a mathematical procedure or formula for solving a big issue or problem.

The word itself is derived from al-Khwarizmi name, Kawarizmi was part of the royal court in Baghdad where he lived from about 780 to 850 AD. Al-Khwarizmi’s is also the creator of algebra as well, he is the most distinguished mathematician ever lived till today.

You can label  A computer program as an elaborate algorithm. In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm usually means a  procedure or formula that solves a continuous problem.

If you are interested in learning some Algorythm for beginners here is  A free course offered by (MIT- Introduction to Algorithms).

I do thank MIT for this very valuable contribution.

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