Am I A Winner?

Am I A Winner?

time and time again It was proven that the most successful people tend to be early risers. The person you spy out your window going for an early morning jog while you’re still snoring probably knows some winnersecrets to success.

Is there a secret relation or correlation between early birds and future success? and if it does, what secrets are morning people discovering before you’ve had your first cup of coffee? Before we dive into early bird behavior, let’s first look at some of the reasons why some people just naturally find it easier to get out of bed with the first morning break:

Why some are early risers?

Why do some people dread the rising sun, while others welcome it?

 Our sleep cycles are regulated by circadian clocks, this is an internal mechanism letting you know when to wake and when to tuck in for the night. Our new technology and artificial lighting has weaked havoc with the circadian rhythms, which is just one of the reasons you’re often advised to avoid the bright lights of your TV or computer screen directly before bedtime.

When you seem not able to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, don’t feel too bad. It’s possible you’re just a natural night owl. Researchers has discovered about 11 percent of people are early birds, while about 22 percent are night owls. This is Called a chronotype, it turns out there might be a reason you keep hitting the snooze button all your mornings.

Is there any link between early mornings and success?morning

Studies show evening people can often be more creative, and sometimes even smarter than morning people, but there’s one major reason the early bird gets the worm!


It may just come down to our modern society. Our working routines just naturally cater to early risers, who are starting to groove into their day before a night owl’s first cup of coffee has fully kicked in.

Is there any Success Secrets Early Risers Already Know?

It is estimated that about 50 percent of your chronotype is due to genetics, but it’s not impossible to change your attitude towards the sunrise. Here are some reasons to do that.

1. The lessor distractions in the morning.

A routine day can get crazy, fast. You’ve got family obligations, friends, your career, your expanding inbox, and a to-do list a 2 mile long. It’s very easy for the personal items to fall off your list, like that book you can’t wait  to read, the meditation you want to do, or even the jog you wanted to take.

Those personal items, however, can help you de-stress and carve out some time for yourself. For most, it’s easier to carve out this personal time in the morning then it in the evenings. When the rest of the world is quiet– it’s easier to find the time and space for some much needed time for yourself.

2. Exercising gets your blood pumping.

Exercising has so many health and emotional benefits, yet it can sometimes seem impossible to squeeze into our day.

If you start the morning out with  a run, yoga,  or a brisk walk, you’ll be diving into the day refreshed and ready to take on the world. Finding time for exercising in your day will make you more productive.

3. Are Successful people doing this?

Most Early birds know greeting the day early is the key to success, which is why morning people tend to be so successful. Tim Cook (Apple CEO) is known for sending emails at 4:00 a.m. And Richard Branson Vogue Editor get up around 5:00 a.m.

Successful people have limited time in their hands to accomplish tasks and take personal time, which is why they get a very early start.

4. Will You be more productive?

A Harvard university biologist Christoph Randler discovered morning people were also more productive and proactive. Morning people are more likely than their night owl counterparts to agree with statements as, “I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself.”

Early birds know to keep an eye on the future, and to never stop looking for ways to better themselves, their future and keep their abilities sharpened.

A proactive life approatch  leads to more productivity, since you’re never waiting in the wings for someone to tell you how to tackle a new challenge.

5. Best of all- You will have time for breakfast

It is well proven breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how often do you really have time for a good breakfast? If any breakfast at all?

Early birds have more time in their mornings, that means fewer excuses not to eat a healthy breakfast. A recent survey from the Harvard School of Public Health found skipping out on breakfast may increase coronary heart disease risk, so having the time to schedule in a good breakfast is more important than many would think.

6. Can you  be happierhappy1

Recent research has actually shown morning people tend to be both healthier and happier. The health component makes a certain amount of sense; as we’ve seen, morning people tend to make time for breakfast, exercise and generally themselves.

Morning people also self-report higher levels of happiness. Considering the link between happiness and work performance, it is very clear to see why happier early risers often find themselves flying higher than their owl counterparts.

Early birds have discovered a few secrets to unlocking success while the rest of us are in bed snoring. It might be time to change your sleep habits, stop hitting the snooze knob, and see what greeting the day earlier can do for your ultimate future.

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