Anchor Text- The Definition And SEO Importance

Anchor Text- The Definition And SEO Importance

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is the text that appears highlighted in a few words that isanchor clickable to open another webpage within or outside your website.

Good SEO recommends that the hyper link (Anchor text) is not to be made too long and have some relevance or matches the target page.

For example, I’m going to make you a few hyper links ( anchor texts) that target some of my pages here in this website to show you the good anchor from the bad.

Are you ready?….. here we go…..

1.  SEO smartly–  This is a good anchor text because it matches the page that it will open, and it is also a short one favored by SEO, click on it to see.

2. And  The best tips on how to use SEO. – This anchor text will also open the same page, but look how long it is!  therefore, in the eyes of SEO, it’s considered a BAD anchor.

3. Click here to see the best tips on how master the SEO – This anchor also will open the same page, but in the eyes of SEO, it is the worst form to use anchor test for many SEO reasons.

Now watch this video for more information about anchor texts and how to make them


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