are images important to our websites

Why Images Are So Important To Our Websites?


According to studies more than 90% of the information that your brain receives is visual.

Your brain processes visual information more than 60,000 times faster than text.

Will you be using visuals in your next blog post? Let me know.

Yes, images are very important. But, because images are that important, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to using images on your websites.

Think of the context of the image An image should make you want to read the article. It therefore should be relevant to the topic and pull the reader into the content. Consider the value of diagrams, graphics and graphs to explain the concepts you’re presenting.

Don’t – go overboard (especially with anything that flashes or moves) Images are used to break up a full page of text. While there is nothing more monotonous than a page filled with lines, an overkill of cliché photos can be just as disheartening.

Do – love your team If you use images of yourself and your team, you’re more likely to be portrayed as real and approachable rather than a stock image that anyone could use.

Don’t – go too fuzzy, Poor quality images will lead your customer to think you have poor quality products and give poor quality service. Whether it be images that are too small, images that are clearly stolen stock photos (complete with the watermark still on the picture!), or overly amateur photography, you’ll end up creating a name for yourself that won’t be so trusty

Yes- Do – show off your products If you’re going to take the time to write about the features and benefits of the products you sell, take the time to show the customer what it looks like.

90% of learning occurs visually – images are easier to digest. Be proud of your products and let everyone see what they look like!


Sam Ammouri

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