Best 5 Tips to start online business

What Are The Best 5 Tips to start online business?

If you’re looking to make an extra 800 or $1,000 each month on the side or hoping to earn thousands from online marketing, sometimes it’s hard to believe that this can be done for free. But this is the thing – if you’re willing to put in the extra work, these goals can be achieved without any startup expense.

Having said that lets keep in mind that you will have to devote enough time to making your campaigns webbwork just as teacher will practice and an athlete will train for hours every day to accomplish their assignments. We are not speaking of 12 hour workdays 7 days a week, but I am referring to commitment.

The thing about online marketing is that once you’ve put in enough work, there is always time to lean back and watch as your empire grows bigger and bigger. All part of your work will become a domino in your elaborate sequence, until everything comes together to make you some serious income.

Hey! Hold your horses!  let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Whether you’re new to online marketing or not, this countdown aims to provide the best five ways to get those paychecks rolling in without you paying a dime.

Tip 1-  Create a Website, Make Sure It’s Your Own.

A few would see this as more of daunting task than the relatively easy article writing, but starting your own website can dramatically jump-start your campaign. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to set up a( .com domain)  you will have a fee to pay to secure that address. However, this fee can be as low as $1.99 from some web-hosts and is surely a price worth paying to secure your own personal webspace as the central unit of all your internet marketing?

And now that you have your domain name, you’ll be needing a web host and website building builder. Somehow it sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t have to be. I never thought I’d be able to contemplate building my own website, let alone finding the software builder to construct it,  but that was before we all came across WordPress.

Anybody can get their head around it no matter how little computer experience they’ve posses. And in no time whatsoever, you’ll have a professional looking website to begin your exciting journey to online business.

Tip 2- Create an affiliate account with Click-bank

 Click-bank allows you to promote products and earn sale commissions. Without a single doubt is the greatest site for beginners and advanced internet marketers alike to promote affiliate products. Once you’ve signed up, you will have open access to thousands of products to market with your own unique product hop-link.

The hop-link is a link issued by the vendor and you can place in your articles, blogs and website which leads the customer through to the vendor’s website. The great thing is though, because the customer got to the vendor’s site through your link, you’ll be earning a commissions off any sales as they happen. And as long as the content you provide in your articles is honest and quality rich, you’re bound to make sales without any doubt.

Tip 3-  Create an account with Google AdSense

Another brilliant way to earn money from all those articles you’ve been working on. Adsense is helping millions of online marketers. Unlike a Pay Per Click campaign in which you have to pay Google to advertise your site, Adsense displays banners on your article pages, blogs and websites and pays you when a banner is clicked on. Naturally, this isn’t going to get you millions of dollars a year (But nothing’s impossible with big  traffic),  it can be a great way to fund any campaigns that you might need to spend some money on.

Tip 4- Throw A few Blogs

Aren’t blogs for people with too much to say and noone to listen? In away yes. But they can also be a big help in getting your articles showing on the first few pages of Google. Why? Because Google loves web pages that have loads of links. other webpages linking through to them. If 3 or 4 blogs have links to each one of your articles you’re also going to be getting a lot of traffic driven through those blog sites, so it’s a win win  situation.  You’ll as well gain your own army of blog followers once you’ve made a name for yourself? All these little things contribute to that money making target, so work hard on your blogs as well as your articles and make sure to maintain the quality.learn free2

Tip 5- Create enough Targeted Articles that has quality and make sense.

It’s nor really hard at all – and you’ve already made your first step by being here on However, there is a knack to doing this thing right  But the necessary thing here is planning (but don’t worry, this only takes 20 minutes) so that your topic is not too popular and your keywords have easily beaten the savage competition out there.

Choose a familiar niche to write about. There’s no use writing about random topics – you’re far more likely to get indexed on Google if you just lace your chosen niche with a unique 25 quality articles using the same keywords. It’s all about quality and quantity  – this way you’ll decimate your competition. Once your traffic rolls into the 60 or more views per article per day you’ll be on your way to earning  those fat paychecks.

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