Blogrolls And Static Pages Fully Explained

Is There Any Deference Between Blogrolls And Static Pages

I have been asked over and over about what static pages and a blog rolls are, how to set them up and why to use them. Other questions I keep getting is how to make a blog roll page and should it be the opening page of the website and why if yes.

Lets go over the definitions and how to use both blog rolls and static pages.

Blog Rolls:blogging

A blog roll is a page created to hold blog posts. This page is a regular blank page that you can be assigned to be your blog roll, and as you start writing blog posts and assign them to this page,  they create a blog roll with fresh posts from day to day, depending on how often you publish. You can set this page as the first page your visitors will see when they come to your website.

Static Pages:

A static page is a page you create for greeting your website visitors. What static means is that this page will be the first page your visitors will see when they come to your website by the main URL. usually a static page content is something we hardly change.

Which one should I set as my opening page?

It depends on what kind of a site you have. If I visit your site and I need a page to explain what the site is all about and such then I would use a static page. And if I’m writing a timed informational posts with such information that may expire by time or becomes an outdated information, then I’d use a blog roll posts.

How to set them up

Static pages:

Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Reading and you will come to the following screen

Set your static page to Home and the blog roll page to whatever you named it and then scroll down and click save changes and your website is set up with a static home page.

See image below



blog roll

Blog rolls:

If you want your site to have a blog roll then you choose the latest post box and scroll down and click save changes.

See image

blor roll


When you click your latest posts the two boxes above no longer let you make changes . Just ignore these boxes in this mode.

Hope this was of a great help to you.

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