Bounce Rate Analytics Is A Nonsense- Pay It No attention!

Bounce Rate Analytics Is A Nonsense- Pay It No attention! – Sleep Your Knights

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What Is Bounce Rate?

According to Google- Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).bounce rate

Ignore bounce rate and pay it no attention!

Website’s bounce rate is typically sky-high and it’s almost impossible to determine what really affects it. I do believe bounce rate will always be there and high because of fast readers and web skimmers who give Google analytics the wrong picture of what’s happening , unless you are offering diamond rings for free in your website.

The average website bounce rate in general is about 74%, lower is better and little higher is okay too, your bounce rate can reach 89% and still labeled okay because of the thousands of factors involved in why the customer did not stay long enough in your site.

Just see for yourself the image below, my website bounce rate that was suppose to be so low in September 2014- around zero bounce rate.

bounce rate

Now look at the October image- the bounce rate skyrocketed to almost 99%- Is that some crap or what! I still have the same conversions and everything is running normal on this website.

bounce rate2

Now I want you to look at this image and see the time duration percentage for each session

bounce rate 3

Now look below at my personal survey with 100 of my loyal subscribed followers, see for yourself how this bounce rate thing is nothing but crap.

The reason why this bounce rate thing is all crap

I personally asked and got a feed back  from a 100 of my readers on how long they stay in my website, and here is the shocking answer…

60 readers- stayed for only a minute and a half or less, they read the page they wanted very fast, got exactly what they were after and left the site without bothering with any other pages. They just were fast readers.

30 readers- stayed about 2 minutes and did just like the above 60 did, fast reading

10 readers- said they stayed more than 2 minutes browsing the rest of the site.

All the readers above were happy and got exactly what they were looking for.

“Now here is the shocking truth”.  Google analytics consider those who leave your site before the 2 minutes stay as a bounce – That means Google analytics considered all the 90% of those customers as a bounce, of course there was some bounce but can never be the 89% to 90% estimated here. this is absolute nonsense!

The actual bounce rate could never have reached 30% to 35% according to my own test and that came from the first 60 readers, may be some stayed less that half a minute which I would myself consider as a bounce even though I was told that those also got what they want from the page, so they just were the fastest readers.

So, the big question here is… Does fast reading = a bounce? Google seems to say yes! then ???

Therefore I’m almost positive that countless websites out there has it wrong too, so my advice is don’t worry too much, do your best to your website, have a content that has some meaning to it, don’t overload your website with commercial ads, be honest and sincere, you will have a loyal followers as long as you are a trustworthy.

There is a million reasons that triggers the bounce rate and the good news is that over 95/% of it is not you or your website’s faults or this is how it seems to me personally. of course you ought to check your high bounce rate and dig deep for the reasons, but it’s really not all that bad.

Here is an informational infographic on bounce rate and how to reduce it



Now watch this video by Matt Cutts

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