Eliminate The Competition For Online Business Smartly

Beat Even Your Biggest Competitors The Smart Way

Wherever I look I see competitors,  from the largest companies to the smallest independent financial advisor. What can I do to beat the competition. So, what can I do to beat the monsters?compet

Around 500 B.C. Sun Tzu had the answer…

“Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand  victories.”

Either In war or business the key to success is to know your competition and understand the obstacles you need to overcome.

Do you know who your biggest competitor is?

Do you know who or what is stealing your prospects’ attention and keeping them from buying your products or services?

May be you’ll be surprised to learn that your biggest competitor isn’t the other firm in your town or is it the large corporation that sells similar products and services. If you guessed  these, you’d be right that they are competitors but are not the biggest monster.

 Then who is your biggest competitor?

How about telling you a story before the answer…

Not long ago and During his first three years of high school, one of my brothers sons was not the student he could have been. All the explanations and  entreaties about needing good grades to get into college fell on deaf  ears. Also all lectures and everything else his family thought might work, but again just no one was able to have his attention.

Does this Sound familiar?

The same is true of your prospects. Your biggest competitor isn’t one of the other companies that provide the same  products or services. To start with, you need their attention. Your biggest competitor and obstacle to growing you business is your prospects’ indifference! If your prospects aren’t responding to your small business marketing approaches, That means you’re not capturing their …

A- Attention

B- Interest

C- Time

D- Trust –

E- Motivation to act

F- Commitment

No doubt, There are hundreds of thousands of  people who could benefit from what you sell.

But why aren’t they flocking  to your door?

Why aren’t you doubling your sales every year?

Do you  have the same problem with your prospects’ that my brother and his wife had  with their son?

Halfway through his junior year, my brother took his son to see several colleges that were within his reach if he just applied  himself.  He liked what he saw and got excited about going to college, or was it just the idea of getting away from home?

They got his attention by showing him the opportunities he could have if he improved his grades. they motivated him by giving him the information he needed to make the decision to work  harder in school. The result? His grades went from mediocre to outstanding ones.

As you can see You can overcome your prospects’ indifference too by giving them the information they want in your business marketing. When you do their interest and motivation will soar real high.compet2

6 ways to overcome your prospects’ indifferences

1- Try not to just shout your name or your company’s name; tell your prospects how you can help and benefit them.

2-  Act Before your prospects get distracted by another ad, website or another task, try to grab their interest by making them curious about how much better off they’ll be with your product or service. In language your prospect would use, map out their concerns and tempt them with the solution you provide and force them to a positive response.

3- All prospects want a solution.  Use your marketing to demonstrate you can solve their problem.  Giving away free tips, ideas or a test drive is one way to earn their loyalty and their positive actions.

4- Don’t You want your prospects to trust you?,  so make sure they see and read great comments from your satisfied clients. Place testimonials throughout your marketing so your prospects can see what you are all about.

5- It is very important to Give your prospects a compelling reason to read or hear your marketing message, to contact you, and to  buy from you today.  If it’s possible to put off a decision, most people  will. Include something in your marketing that will motivate your prospects to act right away, whether it’s an offer too good to refuse,  or a time limit on an offer or both, most times this gets a positive response.

6- Would you expect a stranger to entrust you with managing their family fortune the first  time they’ve read your name if you are a consultant firm?. Use your small business marketing to prompt them to email you, to call you, to get to know you and to trust you. Then help them to make a commitment even if it is for a  first meeting or an entry-level product or service, its how businesses grow, slow and steady.

My final words

The biggest marketing battle is to overcome your prospects’ indifference. Try to accomplish this, and  you’ll attract all the clients you want. Do this, and you’ll be so far out in front. you’ll never need to worry about the competition again!

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



Sam Ammouri

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