Cheating Adsense?- Click Ring Network?

Should I Start Cheating Adsense?

Not A Good Idea!

I have never tolerate click ring network or any other ways to cheat AdSense or other advertising method. The surprising part is there still many people who are willing to join these click ring gangs to even ask how to join?adsense2

What is the AdSense click ring network?

This consists of two teams gathered to click each others AdSense program and cheating Google and the singed up merchants in the process.

How does this happen?

To join such groups that means you have to make your website address open to members, they will daily browse your website clicking your AdSense box and to return the favor you’ll be doing the same clicking AdSense in their websites. Different mediums are used for the communications. such as bulletin boards, yahoo groups, boards ,forums and Usenet and many other.

Why you should stay away from this?

Very simple, it is a robbery and unethical , remember for each dollar Google may loose merchants are loosing $2, just think of this merchant as a mom who is trying to feed her kids by earning a few pennies here and there.Plus Google will eventually get to you, this is illegal.

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