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  A Cool WordPress Plugin For You I Use Every Day Galled- Pretty Link

You can use Pretty Link to shorten any links that you want, but it’s more than just a URL shortner . I mean, you can do that already with tools from and and others.
The cool thing about Pretty Link is that the resulting link keeps your domain name in it. This is especially perfect for those who are sharing links on any audio or video content that you produce.
So for example, using Pretty Link can shorten this made-up link as…
Hey!  Much cleaner, and much easier to say.
You can customize each of the links and it even keeps track of how many clicks you get on each link right in your WordPress control panel.
Also, there’s an option to set up these links as no-follow links too when they are created, so you don’t leak any Search Engine Optimization “juice” from your site. Perfect for affiliate links.
 Did I mention that’s it’s also free? Just look up “Pretty Link” in your wordpress plugins directory in your control panel, or check it out in the link below:
For sure there are a lot of uses you can think of for this particular plugin.  Thanks for your support, and I wish you nothing less than success. Cheers!


Sam Ammouri

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