Beware Of SEO Companies

Beware Of SEO Companies!

Is there and end to scams in sight?

I was always doubtful and very suspicious of SEO companies and this feeling is very well justified. This is to do with the so called SEO companies and their claim to rank websites with Google and other search engines. seo scam

Their prices are not the easy either and you can find many even seasoned businesses buying into their claim thinking they may get something in return if any! In another way today I want to expose the biggest online scam to ever rattle the online community and it is-  ( THE SO CALLED SEO COMPANIES).

If you are legit business and honestly understand the SEO and how it works and trying to honestly help businesses get ranked then this is not you I’m pointing to. But if you are one of these vultures that are preying on unsuspecting business I’m going to fry your ass today and spread the message to the universe 7 billion people.

An endless onslaught!

We have a big problem with SEO.  There will always be business and individuals chasing the soft spots in search engines to get ranked but with Google’s new sophisticated programs such as penguin and Panda these joyful moments are very short lived and your site will even go further backward from where you started. Underneath is the ultimate example of a company offering such service.


As I mentioned above this is very short lived process and will be caught sooner or later sending you and your website into the dark ages again. It is not your fault, that’s why I’m lashing out at these guys who’re very well aware of this but still take your money anyway!

Just for your piece of mind look at what some charge!

Linkwheel pricing package

As you can see it is an insane numbers for what? For my website to eventually disappear into the dark ages!  “And you something even funnier” if you decide you had enough troubles with Google because of all this and wanted to delink your site from these bugs you’ll have to pay the very same company who injected your site with these parasites. Its like if someone breaks your leg then come back to you later to sell you the cast!  Can this be anymore wonderful!

You want something even funnier…..  I searched some of these companies and looked them up in there search engine and they were no place to be found. In another words they can’t even rank themselves to be visible in a search engine let alone getting you there! Look at this SEO Company  after it was searched with Jaxxy keywords search tool it is nowhere to be found!


What you see is only an example, there is thousands of those around so I hope I opened your eyes into something so important today that could be very vital to your bank account, your website and may be your whole career if this is what you do for living.

The best road to rank your site is knowing it yourself!

I do suggest you take sometime to study SEO  if you want a successful place for your company in search engines. Its better than handing your hard earned money to a company who may do you more harm than good. A few questions you could ask yourself such…

  • How does Google rank sites and what is he looking for?
  • What kind of content is in my website, is it any beneficiary to others?

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below


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