how to delete a website from google analytics

How To Delete a Website From Google Analytics

As simple as it is to push a delete button to delete anything, in Google analytics most people still get lost when they open the analytics page not knowing where to look for some certain functions,  and in this case is to completely delete a website from the analytics.google3

If you haven’t discover this delete button yet then just do the followings…

Also keep in mind that when you delete a profile, you also delete all data associated with that profile, and it is not possible to retrieve the deleted data again.

To delete your website:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the website you want deleted from a analytics and click on all website data.
  3. Click the Admin tab at the top right of any Analytics page.
  4.  Click on account settings- see pic at right


5. Now- all the way to the right top of the page you’ll see the delete button,  click on it and confirm it.


6. Gongrats, you just deleted your website from Google analytics.


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