How To Launch a Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

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How Important Is Email Campaigns and capturing emails?

Now that you have a website, A nice niche and all it takes for a successful website that will draw thousands of visitors monthly,  but for some reason decided to ignore the email part of it- both email campaigns and or capturing the email addresses of you visitors- Do you think your website will succeed or bring you the thousands of dollars you’ve been contemplating all along?email1

If you think the answer is yes you will be loosing your website faster than my grandfather swallows a hotdog.  You want to know why? Most agree on the possible website visitors conversion rate varies between 2% to 5% depends on the offer for each 100 visitors.

That means 95 visitors out of a hundred won’t buy or would have any intentions to leave you any information behind,  a certain percentage of those are converting but for some reason need more time to think and that’s why catching the email addresses of those already converting or ready to convert is extremely important for your business.

We said it takes a hundred visitors to convert 3-5% from your natural traffic so capturing a hundred emails from those 5% converting visitor will yield you 20 conversion per 100 of those With your email campaign, can you imagine having 50.000 emails of those! ( hope you’re following me) .

An email campaign is very important part of your website success and believe me you are not going to make it if you ignore it, you’ll be loosing the cream of the crop, the best converting visitors you worked so hard to get  to your site and now you’re letting them go free without a trace, this is the worst business strategy.

This is a secret not too many gurus would like to reveal. Here is an email campaign company I joined myself,  It is the top in the industry, this will be so helpful to plan, capture and unleash your successful gold making Email campaigns and turn your site into a money making factory for years to come.

Introduction into A-Weber

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Creating an email newsletter

Send Your First Email Newsletter Today – AWeber Communications

Learning about autoresponders

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Learning about RSS to email

Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications

Managing multiple email marketing campaigns

Automate Your Email Marketing with AWeber

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