Experience Is Earned Not Learned

Experience Is Earned Not Learned

Experience is the skills we gain from our daily engagements and frictions with other subjects,  human or non human,  during voluntary or imposed assignments such as work for a non specified period of time during which we gain special and exclusive capabilities that make us Truly unique in a particular field and empowering us with wanted productivity and attractive careers.exper

Experience is earned and can’t be learned

You can attend any school you want and learn about anything you want, but when the moment of truth comes and you are ready for a job, the first thing you’ll be asked is do you have experience, very few are willing to accept you even though you are carrying a degree.

Which means ” Yes you did learn, but you have no experience” That validates the say ( Experience is earned not learned).

It takes years of engagement to build experience. success at gaining good experience depends on how you behave during action and reaction as you engage subjects.

For example, if you are a restaurant manager how do you react to a complain from a customer about a certain dish he/she did not like. Do you chase them with a baseball bat or nicely and smoothly apologize for the inconvenience and offer them something else to keep them happy and coming back for more business and love you even more for the way you reacted.

The same goes when engaging objects such as machines and the way you react operating them,  do you fight with a machine or you deploy patience to master that machine. Since the fact that we all react differently to certain thing 3 levels of experience develops.

1- No experience

The lady or gentleman here was not suitable for the job and eventually has to be let go. The reasons can be many but the important thing here is that here/ his negative scores during the engagement outnumbered the positive ones.

2-Good experience

The lady or gentleman here scored well during engagements and most likely to keep doing what they are doing The employer will be more than happy to keep them. And certainly a bright future is on the horizon.

3 Excellent experience

The lady/gentleman here has done a superb job during the engagements and eventually will get to the high rank positions and possible businesses of their own.

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