How To Find Free Google Images For Your Website

Finding Free Google Images

By Sam Ammouri

sam ammouri

There are many different websites that offer free images for your website some with excellent quality, but today,  I am going to share with you the 4 places I get my Free Images from.

1. Free Google images

2. WikiMedia Commons

3. Pixabay,

4. I take them myself.

In order for you to use any images in Google Images you must first set the “Advanced Search” Filters. You can do this with 5 easy step as explained below.

1. Place one search in Google then go to the round gear located in the upper corner of search result screen.


2. In drop down menu click on advanced search


3. Scroll all way down on advance image search page


4. Click on no filtered license and select filter


5. Click advanced blue button


Now you can see all images for your image search category that is free to use. The majority of these pictures are from Flickr, WikiPedia, WikiMedia Commons, Pixabay, and other, and all are free to use. So now you know how to determine which Google Images are free and who are not


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