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 5 Must Not do SEO

Thinking of a pure SEO, I always feel at edge that large numbers of bloggers, webmasters and SEOs (search Engine Optimizers) are still out of touch practicing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Its called Ill SEO practice which resulting in loss of time, energy and money.seo1

The main mark of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be Traffic and conversions and Better ROI. SEO shouldn’t be about improving Alexa Rank or Page Rank or to see a greener page ranking little rectangular Google toolbar box .

No wonder why BuySellAds  (one of the largest advertising market places on the web) has recently removed tons of useless public stats from the ‘Buy Ads’ pages to help advertisers make correct decision, without distractions.

Do you believe for one second advertisers buy your Ads because they are proudly looking at your Alexa Rank, Page Rank, greener Google page rank box or  Klout Score!!!! So what are advertisers on the look out for when buying Ads? – Super content quality for their target audience, enough  traffic and a well designed, clean looking website where their Ads Moon. That’s it! congratulations. Start receiving your Ad revenue as of today.

What are the 5 SEO practices you should avoid and improve your SEO?

1- Alexa Rank!

Too many  bloggers and webmasters feel so proud and brag about their Alexa Rank. To some extent it’s fine. But, for the sake of improving Alexa Rank only, commenting on 350 blogs in 48 hrs is not OK. It’s totally out of touch!

First of all, Alexa is not your reliable measure simply because it counts traffic originated from browsers installed with Alexa toolbar only. Do you think 50% of bloggers and webmasters installed Alexa toolbar in their browsers? No way! It’s way less than you can imagine!

Also take in your account there are ‘n’ number of software and applications available online to manipulate Alexa Rank in a very short period of time.

Still too many bloggers are falling for that and work hard to improve the magic number and check their ranks on regular basis.

2. The fever of Google Page Rank BarPage Rank

I receive many Emails from webmasters as follows

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our XYZBlog is Google PR 6. Which shows how much Google trust on our blog. If interested in link exchange, we offer you 3 links in exchange of 1, on our 3 sister sites.

It makes you wonder” is this some kind of a joke!”. 3 links in exchange of 1! On 3 sister sites.  the 3 sister sites are sub-domains with PR 1 and PR2. To those I say stick your lovely rank pages where the sun never shined. read this…

How many times did, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team has stressed not to give more importance to the tiny green page-rank bar on your browser extension?

Its very logical, a Google PR 7 website is much more valuable than PR3 and ranks higher in SERPs for same keywords (usually). But, you shouldn’t think this is the most coveted trophy from the Google you possess, and be obsessed with frequent checking and false sensations

Here is a video for more on Google PR. Take it from the horse mouth.


3.The Fever of Klout Score

Many still think, the numeric Klout score accurately reflects your social media effects?  See below example (Its true).. I know many blogger friends whose Klout scores are over 90 . But still struggling for traffic, revenue and desperate for higher search rankings.

Want to know, how they managed this head-turning Klout score of 90 ? Playing Farm Ville, Bubble With Saga, Words With Friends on Facebook ! They are good players of these famous Facebook games. And, earns countless likes and comments from their playing buddy’s.

May be you also love to know how these bloggers have huge fan following on Twitter? Some of them have 10,000 or more Twitter followers. A figure every blogger dreams . And it was achieved  by subscribing to Twitter services like and  others. While hardly go to Twitter for twitting.

4. The fever of Blog Commenting

As time goes by blog commenting is loosing its sting. Largely due to the relentless Spam activities. There are auto-piloted software and services who are bombarding  hundreds of thousands of blog comments in seconds worldwide.

Some or little value is left in links from blog comments, Because Google has still not eliminated the link-thing completely. SEO is constantly taking different shapes. And, Google is changing the rules even faster than SEO itself.

It is very important to understand the traffic originated from blog comments are much lower in quality than organic traffic or PPC, it hardly converts. Expect the ROI on blog commenting, whether it’s time, energy or money is nothing but a waste of time

5. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a hot topic nowadays. Specially after the Penguin update, and Google penalty for link acquisition from blog directories or article directories.blog1

Guest blogging is an easy way to link acquisition. It worked! Take a nice article from a top blog. Spin it. then offer it to a newbie blogger for an exchange of 2 or 3 links. The immature blogger will be more than happy to accept the offer.

Guest blogging is being used for plenty of link-manipulation . And, Google is concerned that webmasters are manipulating links (Via guest blogging) .

Because of all this,  guest blogging for authority, brand awareness, traffic and links has come on the Google suspicion radar.

Just look less than a year back, directory submission was considered  a hot SEO technique to acquire links. You go against then considered a fool.

Look now! The same webmasters, who felt so proud of their backlinks are paying money and sending legal messages to  directory owners to delink again, after Google’s penguin. Every trend comes to an end, due to abuse.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below


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