Free Images For Your Website – Where To Find Them?

I want Free Images For My Website- But Where Can I Find Them?

Getting a good quality free image for your website that you don’t have to jump through a hoop balancing an apple on your nose to be able to use without any copyright issues or come backs can be an absolute nightmare and sometimes takes up a significant amount of efforts and time! home

Images are extremely important to a good website, without them your website will look like a wall of boring text. That’s where Public Domain images come in.

These rare gems that have been handed out by the owners to the public at large. Mostly they are covered under a licence such as the Creative Commons CC0 license. See snippet below…



You are able do anything with these images, though some sites do add extra terms such as “not to be used for pornographic purposes”, or  “be sold on stock websites”  or “not to claim ownership of the image” etc.  Nothing that will affect you in your day to day usage of the images.

Just want you to know that most public domain photos are crap! But you won’t fall short of finding your favorite images to your website.

Here is  some of the best public domain image sites available today.


2. Public Domain Pictures

3. Pixabay

4. 1 Million Free Pictures

5. SplitShire

6. Gratisography

7. New Old Stock

8. Pickup Image

9. Public Domain Archive

10. The British Library

And now,  you can freely go ahead use these images without the fear of copyrights or annoying comebacks, decorate that website with inviting images and get the max out of it.

Hope this was of great help to you.


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