Free Website And Business Ultimate Review

Free Website And Business Ultimate Review


Name:  Free website and business.


Price: $Zero

Owner of Free website And Business: Sam Ammouri.

Wealthy affiliate owners  Kyle and Carson.

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Free website and business is an affiliate of wealthy affiliate.

Introduction to free website and business

I do have a unique take on Free website and business, the main reason being I am the owner!  Before you call it “bias” on me, let me explain why my review of free website and business will serve to be of a grate benefit to you.website7

(1)  I have better insight like nobody else into what free website and business is, where we came from and why we have been able to create the longest standing and what I like to think, the most innovative Internet Business community online by affiliating with wealthy affiliates.

(2) Probably I am our biggest critic of Free Website and Business and wealthy affiliates and I continue to be to this day.  I know Free Website And Business is not perfect, who is perfect in this world!

Imperfections teaches us how to work towards right?   I honestly know what we lack, where we’re great, and what we do.

(3) I do care about what you think and I care about helping you.  Because of this, I want you to offer your comments below this review if you have anything to say about Free website and business, the good and the bad.  You comment, I respond.

Before I get into the “what”, I want to outline the pros and cons of Free Website And Business.

Pros and cons


With our unique relation with Wealthy Affiliates you end up with

  • Ethical and 100% legit
  • Video training, Tutorial training,
  • 10,000′s of community members
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • Live & Interactive Help
  • 2 Free Websites
  • State of the Art Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • A strict spam free environment.
  • $0 Membership. Yes, FREE!


Having so much to learn can be overwhelming sometimes.

Free Business And Website and WA Product Overview

Free Website and Business is more of a service and community, and far less of a product.  The community at Free Website and Business and Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and something that we pride ourselves in.  If you are sideliner or you like to spam, you are not welcomed within the community.   If you are looking to earn some money online, chitchat with fellow entrepreneurs, get help and help others, and learn a ton from the 1,000′s of experts at Free website and business and WA, then this is absolutely your new home.

One thing that you will find unique about Free Website and Business and Wealthy Affiliate is that we are all very active within the community…on a daily basis.  You can even find us  there  into the early mornings helping our members get their campaigns running, keeping websites operating, and getting their businesses rolling in the right direction.

Who is Free Website And Business for?

Free website and business affiliating with Wealthy affiliates is Ideal for all levels of marketers and entrepreneurs, from a brand newbie to someone that is running an already successful business and entrawants to scale it to a whole new level. once you get access to the members area you’ll be immersed in the community and the activities within the community.

In other words  All levels of expertise, any age, any country.  It also works on IPads (I  often use free website and business from my IPad!)…and other mobile devices.    Anywhere that you have a connection to the Internet, you can be building your business, getting training, or getting help within Free Website And Business and Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Website And Business and WA Training & Tools

The Training is comprehensive, organized, and current within Free Website and Business and WA.  There is training for all levels of expertise or from scratch point.

Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms!

Free Website and Business and WA Classrooms!

most advanced marketer.   The training is offered in different formats:

  • Live Weekly Training Classes
  • Questions and Answers Periods
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Interactive forum Discussions 24/7
  • Video and Tutorial Training
  • Task Courses

It seems overwhelming?  Because it is.  There are over ONE THOUSAND  exclusive training modules within Free Website And Business and WA, with each Classroom reveals an entire different online business model that could be used to generate a full time online income.

This is only some of the perks for being a member of Free Website And Business and WA.  Plus you get access to ALL of the tools you need to run a successful business online…

The Tools & Services within Free Website And Business and WA offer you a robust “tool chain” to conduct all of your research, writing, and building websites.

building/hosting applications for your business.   Included in the members area is:

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool (Jaxxy)
  •  A unique WordPress Express top of the art (3 click website builder)
  • Very Low Competition, Cherry Picked ready Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlmiited Cloud Hosting  for (Premium Members)
  • The Permission to Access  over 1,500 website templates/themes
  • The access to Rapid Writer, your content “friend”

Once inside Free Website And Business and Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll never have to worry about tools and services need to run your business.  EVERYTHING is included, it is true it is the only comprehensive online business platform out there to exist.

does It Take less than a Community to Create a Success Story?

Ever it happened you needed help with something and ended up going to Google seeking elusive help?  the feel is mutual here.  When it comes to business online and trying to create a successful business, isn’t it wonderful to  know that you can get help when you need it…and get it in a timely fashion.

That is what you get at Free Website And Business and Wealthy Affiliate with the live, 24/7 community and support world.  There are many different types of support offered at Free Website And Business and Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Live, 24/7/365 forum member chat
  • Member Interactive Discussions
  • Live Questions & Answers periods
  • Private 1-on-1 support with owners
  • Access to community experts

As you can see You are never alone! neither will you ever feel like you are in the “dark” in comparison with almost every other program out there.

Many people find it hard to believe that the owners here takes the time to help people out.  It is a reality within Free Website And Business and Wealthy Affiliate though, we are there to help folks. With so many years of years of experience, we  have a lot of things to share and a lot of insights to push you further on your path to success.

What kind of Work Will You Be Doing at Free Website And Business and WA?

We receive many questions about “what will we be doing to make money at Free Website And Business and Wealthy Affiliate?”.   There are many things that you can do to earn  online,  there are hundreds of different ways that are taught within Free Website And Business and Wealthy Affiliate.   However, let’s simplify things for you,  this is how it works…

There is two options when you join.  You can either follow your passion such as coaching basketball healthy topics, you can choose it as your direction.  This is going to be the starting point and the initial training course is going to show you how you can take your passion and turn it into a full time business within the online world.

If you find it hard to come up with one, or you want us to choose one for you,  that is OK too. Free Website And Business and  Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate boot camp with a “predefined” topic that you will be building a business from.  This training is a complete walk through, starts you from scratch and there is no experience necessary.

Basically, you are going to learn how to take your passion and transform it into a business online.  It starts with a niche website, and ends with you earning in a whole variety of ways from that website.  This can be through the promotion of affiliate programs and Ads.

What is The Price?

Free Website And Business and Wealthy Affiliate has two membership price points:

Starter Membership, $0000 . Premium Membership  $47 per month / $359 per year.

$0 seems too good to be true, but that statement would be completely wrong…and I will explain why .   When you join Starter, you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community.  This includes access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool. and so on.

To be honest, there isn’t another paid product in the industry that can compete with Free Website and Business and Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter membership, other than…

The Premium membership.  This is the “be all end all” package if you are even remotely interested in an online business. Free website and business was created to help you find and remove all of the other “stuff” you need to worry about during your day to day activities.  The annoying hosting fees, the pesky keyword tool feels, website builder fees, paying for experts help, searching the net tirelessly for answers to your questions you may never find, and getting access to the right training…all those things have vanished within the help of Free Website and Business and wealthy affiliate  Premium into a single low price.

I always say that once you have Free Business and Website and Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you will never buy another guru book, internet scam, or bogus and expensive online success course again.  I mean it!  Absolutely EVERYTHING you need is here including the 1-on-1 expert help from real living, breathing experts.

You will never get scammed again online if you are a Premium member at Free Website and Business and Wealthy Affiliate, and yes I can assure you that!

The Final Opinion + Special BONUS!

Join the starter, it’s $0.  You can come back  and yell at me( Kyle) if you don’t like it (seriously).  And did I mention it was free?   Upon joining, I will make sure to get in touch with you within the first hour.  I want you to make me one promise however if you do join…that you will set-up your account.  It is simple and you will be walked through it upon joining WA.  $0 Starter Membership Here!

How to Claim Your Bonus…

When you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).  When you create your account at Free website and Business and Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my “hello” and some more information about WA, how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus.  Trust me, this is going to be some AWESOME stuff.

VERDICT: Of Free Website And Business

 Ethical and LEGIT and true scam buster

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



Sam Ammouri

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