Google And Bridge Pages Be Careful

Be Careful With Your Landing Pages

While a lead capture page and matching Adwords traffic can be a very effective marketing tool, online bridge2entrepreneurs are having a very rough time getting their page approved because of its bridge page policy guidelines.

ADwords program doesn’t allow ads that promote bridge pages. A bridge page is a doorway page with the main purpose of sending visitors to a different site mainly to close a sale.

Usually- Bridge pages offer little or no content value to users. Affiliates that display the same copy may also be considered a bridge pages. Bridge pages can also be websites that drive traffic from AdWords Policy-compliant content to non policy-compliant.

The advertising policy also shows samples of what a bridge page is and what isn’t.  Many website owners are discovering that even if their website is policy-acceptable website  they can still have their site suspended because whether or not a webpage “offers value” is open to interpretation.

Even though there is no full proof way of getting your lead capture page accepted all the time, here is some tips you may want to consider.

Always try to Provide Original Content

As we mentioned above, a bridge page is a site which gives the visitor nothing of content value. The main issue here is to provide original content that the visitor may not find anywhere else.

In case you copy and paste articles onto your website, they’ll be no doubt that Google will classify your website as a bridge page and it will be suspended!

Try to Avoid Some very rare Niches

For example- Let’s say you want to sell an information product that helps people with some very rare topic. If you search Google for “that rare topic” you’ll find that there are no advertisers for it.

Which means that your chances of trying to sell anything related to such topic are going to be much less than if you sell something relating to ” lets say affiliate programs  Online,” which is filled with advertisers. Google just doesn’t want advertisers for rare empty topics with no activity.

Google is a privacy policy advocate

YES- You can have the most unique content in the world on your  pages, but if your landing page does not have a privacy policy,  Google will suspend your website without the slightest hesitation.

Never Make Your Opt-In Form On your website First Page!

In case the landing page  has the big call to action “Download Here” or “Get Your FREE Report” opt-in form on the first page, Google will more likely to classify your website as a bridge page. Having said that, consider including your opt-in form on another page . Just make sure that you link direct your visitors to that page.

What if you get suspendedsad1

While the bridge pages policy is very complicated, Google will steer you in the right direction if you are having trouble with your landing page approved.

You can request a review of your website. If you are following all of these rules and still can’t get your lead capture page approved there so many other channels you can use to market your products, now social media especially Facebook  will become Google’s ultimate rival.


Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.


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