Google Link Shortener For Pretty Links

How To Use Google Link Shortener To Make Pretty Links

This is a free tool Google offers (Google Link Shortener.)  that will help you cloak a long ugly link.  there are times when you might not want to add another plug in, or you simply do not like plug ins, so this is a very viable option.


What is a cloaked link and why we would want to cloak one?

A cloaked link is just a link rewritten by the tool to conceal the true destination of the link.

May be you’d say… “but is that not dishonest?”

Well, not really, why we are using it is to cloak our affiliate links. When you hover over a link it will show you the address the link goes to in the lower left part of your screen, and if it is a n affiliate link it will reveal it.

Using the shortener tool will cloak that and only show the addy created when you hover over it this time. It just looks  more professional using the cloaked link .

This tool also makes a nice short address so if you are posting on Twitter it will give you more room for more important things.turn

Lets Work The Tool Now


The first time you use this tool you will need to click the box and fill out the capchia to verify you are not a robot. This will be a one time process and you will get a green check in the box when you complete this step.

1.  go ahead and bookmark this site, I personally have a tab on my browser marked Google and I saved all of the cool free tools there.

Google Link Shortener

2. Now go copy an address you would like to cloak. I will use one of my affiliate addresses off of the WA website.

here is what my link looks like before I cloak it:

As with most affiliate links you can tell just by looking at it that this is an affiliate link simply by the numbers at the end of the link.

Now, here is the same link after using the Google Link Shortener Tool.

3.  Go ahead and click them both, they both go to the same place but the lower one looks so much more professional to me.

4. Now copy your affiliate link, or any link you want to cloak, and paste it into the address bar of the Google Link Shortener

5. Now click the “Shorten URL tab and your new link will show up.

6. Now copy this link and insert it where you want, in social media, email or websites.

Now every time you use your free tool it will keep a record under the address bar of all your past links you have created so you can either choose from them or create a new one.

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