How Important Is Page Rank?

How Important Is Page Rank?

Still readers are continuing to be curious about Page Rank (GPR), And as a promise from us at free website and business I decided to take up another assignment for myself and write GPR Part 2 from my findings within the past few months.  Don’t forget to visit us back for the latest at:
Before getting technical. One person we should recognize is the GPR founder. Google Page Rank was larryfounded by Larry Page (Picture at right), “Watch video for Larry Page below” one of the founders of the Google search engine. Not so shabby to have one of the hottest ranking system on the online world named after you, wouldn’t you say?

To make this production simple to read and identify with, I broke it into three parts. From the first article, I have repeatedly assured that there are three essential items to pay attention to in how Google Page Rank works.


normal building of links is established when something you have written is promoted on another website. Someone may find your subject, article written to be of quality, thereby inserting a link to your website from their website. At which time turns the linking process into a “vote count.” this is called Inbound Links, (IBL) for technical. Like many things in  real life, voting is common way to get others’ approval and attention.

If it happens you have many links to your site, wow it must have meant that many people are looking, watching and interested in what you got, and what you have to say. As a result, the linking act or voting count equates to your content being ranked, or valuable. The more of a quality your content has the higher it is rated. If you want to see who links to your site use this link in Google search: link:


It is very important what you post on your website. Your articles should mirror your blog. What does that mean? If your blog is about Dogs, don’t blog about cats. You can if you want, it just won’t be viewed as a content of any value to your Site.

Next, the comments from other people does matter, if you’re receiving quality comments relating to your article, it will count as quality word count and therefore it’ll work as content enhancement. When you received good comments like: “great, beautiful, what a job” all this does is adding a link to the commenter’s site, or profile. of course it’s not going to do much for your content, or articles, however, they are at least contributing to your traffic generation.


this is might be the least important in GPR, I’ve seen many higher page rank websites with lower Alexa traffic rank better than the lower page rank sites. Although, if you sit back and analyze traffic, links, and quality contents they are all intersected. For example, if you write an article of interest to the general public, people will come and read it, which increases your traffic .

Focus and concentrate on your own website, provide meaningful content, and start building quality links. This is the ultimate way to get a higher Google Page Rank.  These are the main requirements to building higher Google Page Rank to which I have researched and fathomed. You can visit here to see my other article concerning Google Page Rank

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Now watch this inspirational video for Larry Page One of Google’s co-founders

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