Google+1 how does it work

Lt’s say you are on Facebook page and you see the pictures of two cameras (camera A and camera B) as updated by your friends. Camera A is “liked” by 15 people, but camera B is “liked” by 100. Without giving it much thought, you’ll most probably click on the photo of camera B; this is how Google’s new +1(plus one) does its work.

When and How did Google start socializing?

Google started socializing Since The past few years have seen all kinds of social revolutions in the area . Facebook being the king were followed by others like Twitter. of course a giant like Google in no way is going to set aside and watch others invading his territories, So it launched, “Google buzz”. Google buzz which was intended to be a platform to share your thoughts, social activities as well as photos, music and videos using your Google account as the launch base.

Unfortunately for this giant, no matter how hard they tried, Google buzz hardly “buzzed” as much as they had hoped it might.

Google =1This gave birth to Google’s +1(plus one), which is similar to the “like” function in Facebook.

How does this thing work?

A transparent plus one button will appear near your search results (log into your public Google account first), as you click on it, it should turn blue; this indicates that you have +1’d that particular link, it will appear on a new tab in your account which keeps a record of the things online that you have +1’d (the plus one tab).

You have the choice to keep this tab public or private. When you plus one something, It is as if you announced to the world “hey something is is cool here, come and check it out”.

Plus the fact that it helps you find things in search by counting the number of “+1s” a site or advertisement has received. (NOTE) The number of “+1s” a site gets indicates its popularity.

For example, let us take a case of a site based on action figures. If there are 250 people who have +1’d the site along with a friend (XYZ) of yours; it’ll be displayed below as – “XYZ along with 199 others +1’d this link”

How does this new Genus  invention help Google?

Keep in mind that Google search is a not a living human with free thoughts and thus cannot fathom the complexity of human connection and perceptions. Google +1 helps to quantify the process by calculating the number of plus ones a site may earn and in the process improving the accuracy of its search.

Google +1, just like the Facebook “like” will be posted inside sites and various advertisements making the task of our daily searching a very socially engaging experience.

To be able to further optimize its searches Google uses its “farmers algorithm update” also called as the “panda algorithm update.” This paired with +1 will yield truly unique searches.

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