How I Pulled It Off-14 Working Websites & Still Going – See Step By Step How I Did It & So Can You

How I Pulled It Off With The Minimal Expense – Step By Step – I’ll Help You Do The Exact Same- See All My Websites Below For Proof

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Hi again, I’m Sam Ammouri,  I’m sure most of you know me by now as you frequented this site for over 2 years by now, you remember how small I was when I just started 2 years ago, but now I have 14 working websites, courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s brilliant opportunity and education, very big deference from 2 years ago, many of you who joined are doing very well with some doing even better than I am.

Let’s make the story short because I want you to get into the action not into story telling, but for those who are new here you can read about me and how I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and jumped into this online business by clicking here.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that you can start free and have 2 free website fully functional without paying a penny. You can promote anything using these 2 free sites. Wonderful hah? See the list of my free websites below.

For most of us and as humans, we tend to believe in something more if we seed it rather than not, It’s just our freaky nature. So the first thing I’d like to show you here are my website that I built at wealthy Affiliate, most of them I built and hosted them at WA free except for four that I paid $10 for each domain name purchased at (Namechep) the favorite destination of many folks for domain names since the prices are so cheap and there is no upsells, but still I hosted all the 4 sites free at WA.

Just imagine if I have to host all these websites somewhere else for monthly fees, we’re speaking of thousands of Dollars here folks!

I encourage you to visit these websites and see what they’re all about since many of you will be copying the idea,  plus the fact that seeing them as true and as a fact rather than a fiction and inflated lies will act as the ignition to ignites your passion & courage, thus giving you the needed courage and energy to take the initial decision and move yourself forward with your dreams. …

This is the real world, there is no fiction here buddy! 

Now here are the steps that will absolutely change your life as of this moment if you choose to finally act to help your own self towards a better future.

Step 1- Must visit my established websites I built in 2 years At Wealthy Affiliate- This is your proofcheering the websites

As I mentioned above, try to visit all these sites first and see what it’s all about, what I sell, who I’m I affiliates with ( Mostly Amazon) See my banners and Google AdSense and what I’m promoting as you’ll be following in the same footsteps if you choose so. Visit the about page to make sure these are my websites NO FICTION.

Only a few weeks after Joining Wealthy Affiliate,  and from knowing nothing about websites or online marketing, I was able to build these sites myself mostly free with free hosting at WA. And Yes! you can do the same no doubt, Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely the right place for newbies like I was.

Just click on the links to visit each websites

  1. Citizen Watches this site is free at Wealthy Affiliate- You can have as many free website as you want with a small monthly membership
  2. Cannon Cameras free site at Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Colic Baby free site at Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Burn victims  free site at Wealthy Affiliate
  5. Walter BB Guns free site at Wealthy Affiliate
  6. My airsoft guns free site at Wealthy Affiliate
  7. General airsoft sports free site at Wealthy Affiliate
  8. Kershaw knives free site at Wealthy Affiliate
  9. Mako baseball bats free site at Wealthy Affiliate
  10. Eco drive citizen watches  paid for domain $10 a year- hosted free at wealthy Affiliate with monthly membership
  11. Popular and useful  paid for domain $10 a year- hosted free at wealthy Affiliate with monthly membership
  12. Free website  paid for domain $10 a year- hosted free at wealthy Affiliate with monthly membership
  13. Affiliate boot camp  paid for domain $10 a year- hosted free at wealthy Affiliate with monthly membership
  14. Affiliates make money  paid for domain $10 a year- hosted free at wealthy Affiliate with monthly membership

Only 2 years ago I knew nothing about websites other that how to visit them and buy some needed stuff, I always thought like many of us do, that this is a geek thing and it’s for the highly educated the smarter ones but…winning

Boy was I  so wrong!, I decided to break this ugly psychological stigma of belittling and stupefying myself and move into the deeper forbidden Geek territories of the online world and stop the stupid thoughts that I’m only good for little things.

In my wildest dreams did I ever thinkt I’d be able to do what I’m capable of doing now. It is all the courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate, I truly awe them all these dramatic achievements and successes considering the fact that my English is even English as a second language!

Surly I learnt how to write content, build websites, promote websites, monetize websites plus a zillion other related things.

Don’t you think you waited enough and it’s your turn now?

Step 2. Registering your free account at Wealthy Affiliate

Click here to register your free account at Wealthy Affiliate, all you need is your email address. once there you’ll get a welcome message from me, don’t be mean and click here or the profile image below to visit my profile there , I go by (seesy62) you will be welcomed by many other members of the WA wonderful community plus the owners Kyle and Carson.

Visit my profile at wealthy Affiliate- Click on profile image.

sam ammouri wealthy affiliate profile

The above step is a must step, you’ll get nowhere without registering, its free, nothing to worry about, trust Sam.

Step 3. Start taking your free lessons immediately

The free membership at Wealthy Affiliate entitles you to the entrepreneur level 1 education plus 2 free websites to freely own and run.

Start taking your free entrepreneur certification level 1 – This serve as your basic education, through this level you’ll learn enough to build your website and promote something of your passion completely free.

wa awners kyle and carson

Kyle & Carson- WA Awners

There will be many helping hands through your studies including me and the owners (Kyle and Carson) plus countless experienced members. Always ask question and make sure you do your assignments at the end of each lesson.

Try to mingle with the community there and explore the site with all it offers, take advantage of everything available to you, don’t just keep looking at things or sit idle.

These are the lessons included during this free level of study and good enough to place you in business.

free entreprenueor lesson at WA

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to immediately get “immersed” in the awesome community here at WA
  • Discover the process of earning revenue online
  • Create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals
  • Gain instant access to over 590,000 niches
  • Choose your starting point NICHE for your business
  • Build your very OWN niche website
  • Learn how to optimize your website using WordPress
  • A simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly
  • How to create quality website content (that gets ranked)
  • Understanding the keyword research process
  • Quickly and easy creation of your own low competition keyword lists

Once you have the feel of things and you think you are outgrowing your 2 free websites then you may want to think about upgrading your membership to premium for the maximum benefits.

Step. 4 Start working hard on your website

Take all the free lessons giving to you by wealthy Affiliate, In your first week of registration you’ll have access to all the available information at WA. After your first week, if you don’t turn premium some of this information won’t be accessed, but you still have the level 1 information and the 2 free website available to you to run totally free until you feel you can expand your might the premium is your only answer.

With the premium membership you will have limitless free websites and limitless site of your own to be hosted free at WA with your premium membership.

You also will have the access to every single tool available at WA to take your online adventure from (A to Z) and believe me there are tons of it.

The first thing you’ll notice at WA is the friendliness and helpful nature of the members of WA. You immediately realize that you are in the right place to succeed an online venture for sure.

Step 5.  What is your Niche ?( The Topic of your website)

If you already know what your niche is that’s wonderful, it makes your life easier, but if you don’t know, then you must read lesson 3 in the list above, it is very well explained. If you have no niche at all you can promote Wealthy Affiliate itself, they have a brilliant program with hefty commissions.

I made a special website just to promote the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp, click here to visit the site and learn more about this unique affiliate program.

Now precisely follow the steps to build your website, learn all what’s giving to you in that regard, and once you’re through with your website and have learnt all the tricks to promote your site, and you see visitors going around your site, it’s time to monetize your website and start making money.

Step 6.  How to monetize your website? (Making Money Off your site).

Look Google AdSense on this website [ages, it’s a  good source of income for me.

Monetizing your website means making money off your website. I personally did all my monetizing through affiliation with mainly, Google AdSense And a few others. Just go ahead one more time and visit my sites and look at all different banner adds for many different companies I’m affiliated with.

Here is my daily Google AdSense earning snapshots for doing nothing other than placing the banners on my site.

google adsense report

Here is another banner for It is also a very good source of income

Banners come in all different shapes and sizes.

Here is One of my Amazon earning snapshots form one site

amazon earning


Here is also a sample banner promoting Wealthy Affiliate

Here is a snapshot of commission earned in one morning promoting Wealthy Affiliate

wa credit

As you can see there no magic other than take a decision to improve you life today and don’t keep wasting time wondering, there is no magic in making money, the only magic is you taking an action today.

 Money does not come to you, you have to get off your butt and get it!

At Wealthy Affiliate,  you’ll learn how to fill for the best affiliate programs, there is training for every single trick you need to run and monetize your website to the ultimate success. I absolutely owe this place (WA) all my successes and achievements and soon you will too.

My best source of finding affiliate companies is the Rakuten Linkshare, See banner below,  It’s by far the most comprehensive and the easiest to get your affiliate application accepted.


Here is a snapshot of some of the companies I’m affiliated with at Linkshare


Are you ready for the ultimate journey? Ready to transform you life and right now? Click here and… Let’s go buddy…. Let’s do it together the way I did it. We can do nothing about yesterday,  bng….ut for sure we can do something about today and tomorrow So, say it and loud… enough is enough… let’s get rolli


Your Friend

Sam Ammouri

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