The Importance Of Images To Your Website?


How Important Are Images To Your Website?

images help your visitors connect and feel comfortable on your website. If 66% of the population oceandescribes themselves as visual learners, then you have to plan for people who want to look at pictures instead of reading posts.

The details on these different kinds of website images under should help you weigh your approach.


Pictures are typically images that represent your business. Some common mistakes that many businesses make here is using generic images. I am positive you’ve all seen the chess piece on a website, usually related to a company who provides some kind of strategic service. Try not to do it!

I recommend pictures of people who represent your best prospects. The reason Why? Because people form connections with people, not chess pieces.

In case you are going in another direction, like the Square 2 Marketing site, make sure your visitors feel comfortable. Don’t use images that may turn people away or shock them. Make sure the pictures and the messaging on your home page work together harmoniously.

Other Pictures on the secondary pages are less important. People pay far less attention to them. Secondary page pictures are used to break up the text and create visual appeal. Try not to spend a lot of time stressing over the selection of secondary page images. These images should relate to the content of each page but they are much less important than the images on your home page.


You are told to constantly talk about telling stories in your marketing. Your site/blog should be your ultimate story teller base. Graphics, especially Infographics, provide a lot of information in an interesting and efficient way, allowing visitors to get a complete story from a single image. Here is an example how it’s easier to Go Bacterial than trying to Go Viral. I know it’s small, so feel free to click on this image to get a full view.hill

 Offers And Images:

You’ve been harping on lead generation , so let’s not stop now. The aim of every good website design is to convert lurkers into leads and lastly buyers.

You need tools to do such. And yes, you might have the right no risk, low risk and direct business offers, but images do an excellent job highlighting and calling attention to these offers. People are drawn to images, so incorporate them to increase your conversion rates.

And now, you have what we call The (finishing touches). These images include bullets, call outs, icons and other small images that make your website really professional, more interesting and interactive.


Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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