How Long Can You stay in google’S first Or Second page

For How Long can you stay in google first or second page


Nowadays, you must share your content on Social Media networks if you want to get traffic to your website or blog. You can’t go no longer relying totally on the search engines to rank you higher so you can get traffic.

And even though organic traffic through proper SEO is great, it could take several months before you reach and consistently stay on Google first or second pages

You are probably wondering what I meant by saying “consistently.”

Just because your page makes it on to Page 1 or 2 of Google does not mean that it will stay there forver!. Eventually it will move up in the ranks when it is new and then move down once the page is not getting any new attention.

You have to work at not only getting your content on Page 1, you also have to work at keeping it there, especially when you first reach that level.

How do you do that?

Social Media Marketing Is The Answer!

Social Media Marketing is how you work at keeping your content on or near Page 1 of Google, providing you are offering good content.

The higher the quality of your content the easier it will be to keep it on Page 1 or 2.

Every day several times a day you need to be sharing your content on social media such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, delicious, and Others. The more networks you can share it on the wider the reach.

Once your webpage has made it to Google Page 1 and has stayed there for about a month, this is when I shift my focus away from sharing that particular page and work on boosting the ranks of the rest of the pages.

I personally have a doc file where I have pasted every URL of my website and next to it the shortened URL. You can use the shortened link on 4 of the five social networks I mentioned, (shortened links may not work on Pinterest.)

The network that benefits the most for using a shortened link is for Twitter. Do you shorten your URL links before posting them to social media? Do you know how? It really is super simple.

You can use Google free URL shortner here- just copy your long URL and paste it into the shortner’s box and click the shorten URL knob and there pops your shortened URL. Google will also keep you a record of the shortened URL’s, and time and date. I’m saying all that assuming you already have a Google account.

Hope this was of help, you need more hand just give me a shout in the comment box below

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