How To Be A Good Boss & Impress everyone Around You

How To Be A Good Boss & Impress everyone Around You

Have you ever wondered about being that perfect boss,  and capture the hearts and minds of your workers,  while increasing their contributions and productivity to double if not even more?the boss

Here is what you can do to achieve just that:

1. Do Not damage your workers self-esteem.

 Sixty percent of employees say their boss at some point or another damaged their self-esteem.

2. You must be good at what you’re doing

Research shows 34 percent of workers believe their boss is not effective at his or her job. Not only that, but more than half believe they could do a better job than their boss.

3. You must motivate your workers.

Bosses are meant to be an employee’s No. 1  motivator in the workplace. However, 39 percent of employees either feel only sometimes or never motivated by their bosses.

4. Sometimes You must listen.

Communication is key in the workplace, but one-third of employees say their boss sometimes or never listens to their work-related concerns.
5. Never ignore your workers.

A whopping  57 percent of employees who feel ignored by their bosses are not engaged at work.

6. Never play favorites.

Sadly there’s always one employee who gets more opportunities than you, even though you are equally or more capable of performing? Research shows 34 percent of bosses are guilty of playing favorites in the workplace.

7. Never overwork or be dreadful to Your Staff.

Research shows employees dread difficult conversations with their boss (20.4 percent) and returning to work after vacation (16.6 percent).

8. Always Ask For A feedback.

Of course Two-way communication is essential in the workplace. However, 49 percent of employees say their boss only sometimes or never asks for their ideas when solving problems.

9. You Must Inspire Your Workers.

 one of the top five characteristics of a bad boss is they don’t inspire their employees.

10. You must have a clear vision.

When the leader in the workplace lacks a clear vision, how are you supposed to perform well on the job?

11. Never make your workers feel as if they want to hide from you.

A whopping Twenty-seven percent of employees say they purposefully hide from their bosses.

12. The last thing on earth you want is to make others feel as if you lack integrity.

 Nearly 20 percent of employees say their boss has little or no integrity.

13. Stay away from being labeled as a slacker.

What’s the point of doing any job when the boss himself is failing to do their own? Forty-two percent of employees say their boss doesn’t work hard enough.

14. Try your best to keep it cool.

Sometimes things do get stressful at work, a shocking 47 percent of bosses cannot stay calm during the situation. Aren’t you the one supposed to go to when others get the feeling of being overwhelmed at work?

15. Never make your workers wish they have another boss

Sadly- Sixty-five percent of employees would take a better boss over a pay raise and other.   Follow the guide above and be a better boss,  being a better boss means more productivity, success and happiness at the work place.

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