How To Build A Forum For Your Website

How To Build A Forum For Your Website

There are two ways to create (forum) on your website:

1. Outsourcing a pre-created board that is hosted on a 3rd party site remotely hostedforum

2. Create a message board from scratch on your own server time

In case you decide to choose the first option and remotely host (outsource) the message board, then that means another site builds and hosts the board on their servers and they give you certain administrative rights- add your logo, and updates-  colors and so on…

Note that You do not have complete control over your message board in this instance and you’re at the mercy of the company who is hosting it. So if they go out of business, so does your forum.

Also, the address will be something like (forum/ instead of

No too much oft an ideal scenario. I wouldn’t like for you to risk losing all your content if the provider ever close their doors or changed their terms and polices.

My recommendation is to host Your Forum on Your Own Domain

For sure, When your forum sits on your own domain, you have complete control over the design and don’t have to worry about ever losing your content. And it looks much more professional when you do the hosting yourself.

The good thing here is most webhost companies has this function preinstalled in their package, just log on to your webhost and look for the forum building section in the provided dashboard of your account, just watch the video below for the full instructions, it is easier than many thought it would be.

In the other hand, Imagine telling someone to go to every time you verbally promote your forum? Who is going to remember such a thing!

Now here is a short video courtesy of you can watch and get the real feel of it.  It is very simple and not as hard as some thought it would be.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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