How To Build Websites from scratch

How to build a website


To many folks, the task of building a wordpress website is hours or days let alone in 30 seconds!  But today I’m going to show you the impossible and show you the proof with a video. And its not just going to stop there, how about if I let you keep that site and run it for a business without paying one single penny!!!!!
Lets first ask What is WordPress ?

If we look back only a few years ago and some of you know  the online business then,  building a website was extremely technical. Being a programmer is almost a must!, you needed to have good photo shop background, and you need a top notch computer and expensive software even to create a flat footed site.  believe me some of the ugliest site used to be built then, but they were  profitable, so it worked out good surprisingly.

Then along comes a spider called WordPress,  its an open-source framework who has a community of millions of people, and thousands of developers.  It is by far the most supported and most famous framework for building web sites today! however, WordPress  still requires web hosting, FTP protocol transfer, a database and some technical knowledge to install.word1

It is one of the best platforms, even though in some occasions  it can be a little difficult to install to even seasoned online marketers and webmasters but then Bingo…

WordPress Express is here!

And the rewards are:

  • No dealing with FTP transfering
  • No setting up databases
  • No more worrying about DNS or Domain registries
  • Forget about HTML and PHP forever!
  • Place the complicated photo shop in a waste basket
  • No expensive software to purchase

Are you a bit wondering abut this 30 second thing and how to go about building your own site? I have real, strong proof that I can do this and so can you!.  Simply click  here to see for yourself and get amazed!  watch the video for yourself and see how you can then own your website and start a niche of your own without even one penny!

With less than a few minutes from now I can have you up and running with your very own WordPress website.   including access to hundreds of different themes and you can use your website within whatever niche of you choose.  You can promote anything you like on your site and  you will be getting access to a whole community of help and training once you get your site.


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(2) Build your Website, And as a matter of fact you’ll have 2 free websites not one!


Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below


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