6 Easy Steps To Zip And Unzip Window files

Easy 6 Steps to zip and unzip window files

Did you ever need to send someone a big batch of files? well, you  Don’t need to attach one after another after another to your e-mail to email them. Instead, compress the files into one smaller, easier-to-manage file. In other words, this is what’s called zip files.zip file

The type of Zip file format has long been used to compress and archive data. Suppose you have 40 Word documents that have a combined size of 7MB. By zipping it, you end up with a single file that is much smaller, maybe less than 2MB or even 400K.

Most people use third party tools to zip and unzip files, But did you know Windows has Zip easier than any other tools out there!

Here it is step by step:

1. Compose your e-mail message, then click Attach File (or whatever is your mail client’s comes up with prompt

2.  Once the file selector appears, find the files you want to attach, They all have to be in the same folder.

3. Choose all the files you want to zip. To choose multiple files at a time, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking each one in turn..

4. Click any of the selected files, then select Send to, Compressed zipped folder.

5. The files are compressed by windows and a new zip file is created that is ready to be renamed if you wish,if not, just press Enter.

6. Then attach your newly created Zip file to the e-mail.

This is it,  that’s pretty much the extent of Windows’ Zip capabilities why bother with other tools that you even may have to pay for ?

Also you can watch this video tutorial courtesy of  easy internet guides

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