How To Create A User Friendly Sitemap For Your Website Visitors

Creating A User Friendly Sitemap For Your Website Visitors

Today I will walk you though how to make a visitor friendly sitemap for your blog. You know by happy7now Google favors websites that have a site map page available to your visitors and you need all the help from Google that you can get to rank your site.

Please have a Look at the screen shot below so you can have and idea about what I mean by saying user friendly sitemap


You can notice it is basically a map of your website that visitors can use to help them in navigating your site content.

The first thing to do is make sure you have a sitemap installed and built on your website. This sitemap is used by Google to crawl your website and may not make any sense to your visitors since it’s made for a search engine not humans. This must be first installed before you can make your sitemap page for your visitors.

If you are not sure you have one already built or you know you do not have one built yet go over this training by one of our Wealthy Affiliate fellow members and come back again here to continue.

Welcome back Again

Now that you have built a sitemap we can go ahead and make a page that is user friendly for your visitors.

Go to your website dashboard (plugin section) and download a plugin called WP Sitemap Page to create your sitemap page. If you need any help in how to install and activate plugins just go here.


Once you have the plug in installed and activated click on the settings tab. See above shot.

Then You will come to the following screen


In the circled area, this is the code generated for you to use for a traditional sitemap page. You may scroll down the page and find more different setting choices for your sitemap. Set the choice you like and be sure to click the “How To Use” tab for more options. Once you have chosen your choice format copy that code.

Now you are going to create the map on a page, so open a “new page” and name it “Site Map


Switch the page to the“text” mode to place the sitemap html code you copied.


Paste the code into the page. make sure to write nothing there other than pasting that code and click update


Now go to your dashboard and assign your sitemap page to one of your menus and you have created your very own sitemap for your visitors. You can place this sitemap page in your navigation menu to appear on the top.

Or you can create a new menu and name it sitemap just special for this page. then go to your widget section and select custom menu and place it as a sidebar widget, just add the Sitemap page to this menu. look at my sidebar and see the sitemap widget and have a better understanding of this.

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