How To Deal With Tough Times And Negative Moments

How To Deal With Tough Times And Negative Moments

Sometimes we all go through rough moments and waves of negative thinking no matter how successful we are or how advanced is our level of achievements. Don’t worry this is very natural, our minds and bodies are trying to tell us something in a very peculiar way.happy4

May be we are being mysteriously told that life is not all about success, Money or achievements, or  about sadness and hardships, but is all about striking a balance that maintains the perfection and the continuity of a perfect living.

May be by having some rough times every once and then stirs other emotions in us so we can feel both sides of the coin because…

… If it wasn’t for the dark nights we would never have appreciated the sun and flock the beaches…

… And if it wasn’t for bitter things we would never have appreciate it the sweet ones…

… And if it wasn’t for the rough and sad times we would never have felt what happiness is…

… And if it wasn’t for the angry moments we would never have appreciated laughter…

… And if it wasn’t for wars we would never have appreciated or felt what peace is all about..

… And if it wasn’t for the scorching heat and thirst we would never have appreciated or felt the presence of water. And the list can go on and on.

Take your life the it comes, do your best to make ends meet and if they don’t “What the heck with it” you cannot do more than what you can.

Sometimes luck does play with our destinies, never be hear broken because someone else has more material than you do, its only a material that will eventually vanish, what counts here is who you are andhappy5 how helpful to others you were, this is right scale that measures who is better than who.

What sense does it make if you own the world but will contribute nothing to your community and neighbors.?

Appreciate what you have no matter how little it is because at the end you and your actions is what counts. Total  empires have disappeared and at the end the only thing that was left is how good or bad was that empire.

keep the smile, keep the happiness because nothing in this world shall equal an ounce of your health.


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