Reduce Your Bounce Rate Smartly

Reduce Your Bounce Rate The Smart Way

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Too many question out there in the air about What is the BOUNCE RATE OF A WEBSITE? This term is bounceoften confused with exit rate. The exit rate is the percentage of website traffic who actively click away to a different website.

Before exiting they might have visited some pages of your website. But the bounce rate on the other hand, is the percentage of visitors who enter the website and leave without viewing any other pages. They exited from the very page they landed at.

The bounce rate is the scale that measures the effectiveness of your landing page. A landing page with a low bounce rate indicates that the page effectively stimulated visitors to visit more pages and continue on deeper into your site.

 How high is your bounce rate?

There is absolutely no clear answer to when a bounce rate is high or low. High bounce rates sometimes does not necessarily mean low performance. The purpose of a website plays  a big roll on the bounce rate. There is bounce rate variation between news sites, e-commerce sites and or blogs sites.

Google Analytics specialist Avinash Kaushik said that “it is really hard to get a bounce rate under 20%, anything over 35% is cause for concern, 50% (above) is worrying”. Blogs on the other hand, usually have a bounce rate of over 85% because  of the high content percentage offering on their blogs.

Here is some tips that might help you reduce your bounce rate if you think your website does have this problem.

1. Content that is relevant to your niche is very important.

What you have as a Content is the reason people visit your site. Irrelevant  content may turn off visitors and the result in a high bounce rate. unique content captures the visitor’s attention and encourages them to visit more pages.

Google Analytics can be extremely  useful for identifying pages with high bounce rate. It enables us to figure out why these pages performed well and then we can apply it to the rest of the pages of the site.

2. Encourage the right crowed to flock into your site. If you’re selling dogs-Don’t talk about snakes!

Think about the content from an SEO point of view. design your page to attract relevant crowed.  Example: If you’re selling dogs don’t talk about rattle snakes. Targeting the right visitors and providing them with the right content you can effectively reduce your bounce rate.

3. A well designed website is a must to attract.

Just make it clear and simple and this should do you wonders. The first impression of a website is what helps the user to decide whether the content is worth it or not. A well designed website captures the visitor’s attention and stimulates them to read more and more. Avoid the flashing and flickering elements of your website, this could turn off people, its your website after all not Las Vegas.

Deeply consider the information and the design of  your site. Allow enough whitespace,  avoid writing with fancy fonts, think about your information design and use the right colors. Your site should mirror a sense of trust and professionalism that all people are looking for when it comes to giving your their business.cats

4. A loud call to action is very important

The objective of someone’s website could be anything from placing an order, reading related articles, subscribing to newsletters or filling some kind of contact form. Make sure that the visitor knows what’s expected of him and enable him to do it

Keep in mind not to create a dead ends where a customer doesn’t know where to go or turn to . And If he doesn’t know where he is going, he’ll leave your website and increase the bounce rate, make sure you show him/her the way to browse other pages by using a clear call to action and make it loud!

5. Your website loading time speed

The speed of loading time of your website can be crucial to your bounce rate. customers will be more likely to visit additional pages if your websites has a fast loading time . The new revolution of smartphones and mobile internet also has an impact on websites bounce rate. More and more websites are now connect friendly to mobile devices.

Websites that aren’t upgraded for mobile browsing are loosing thousands of visitors. Responsive web design can resolve this problem. If done properly, responsive web design doesn’t only provide a better mobile browsing experience, but it can also improve the loading time by optimizing the content for smart phones applications.

6. Internal linking to your website pages is essential.

This is a hyperlink from one page to another for the same website.  using internal links to connect your pages internally will reduce your website bounce rate by 30%. These links will not be seen as exits but rather as a navigation paths to other pages on your site.

Internal links can also have a positive SEO effect. They can help the indexation of your website by search engines. Internal linking can also be used outside the content of the article. Many  websites suggest to place related articles links at the bottom of a page.

Because these related articles are relevant to the current page enabling visitors to easily visit the related pages. It can be a very smart way to show your visitors your most popular posts. By including a small image you can easily capture the visitor’s attention.

7. How about External links?

To open an external links in a new window or tab will improve your bounce rate,  This  keeps your visitors on the current page while they visits the external link in another tab or window. And than can easily find their way to your website after they’re done.

8. The importance of the footer menu

A footer menu is the last thought of web designers . But it’s just as important as the header of a website. By using links in the footer, visitors can easily  access other pages or posts of your  site. Many websites copy their main navigation to the footer,  you can also display related articles or the most popular pages. Or you could get more creative and show some of your unique portfolio items, link to your contact form or add a news feed.

Now watch this Google’s bounce rate analytics video


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