How To Efficiently Write Your Content & Make It Pull

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How to Efficiently Write your Content- Make it Pull!

By- Sam Ammouri

In fact, Writing content can be much easier if you know how to properly approach writing and how to architect your content before your write it.content11

If you made yourself a cup of coffee and sit down to write a page or post on your website without an agenda, it is going to lead to frustration and often times content that doesn’t have much flow for readers.

This video from WEALTHY AFFILIATE will show you architecting content before writing it to maximize efficiency and quality and injecting it with some sense and pull appeal . It is very easy to do and all it takes is a little planning, some research and little patience.

Some of the topics being Addressed here are:

  • Breaking down your content into smaller concepts- intro, ideas, conclusion.
  • Starting with an initial keyword theme
  •  creating a proper introduction (telling people what you are going to talk about)
  • How to Research and write out your content
  • Conclusion (telling people what this is all about)

In this video, You’ll see the process and a real post that is being created. Remember, if you have a plan going into anything it will lead to much more efficiency and a lot less frustration.

In case you have any questions about how to properly architect or write our your content, please leave a comment below.

Sincerely Yours

Sam Ammouri


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