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 How To Get  Reviews & Testimonials That Bring Business

Good testimonials on your website and other Web venues can help improve conversions. Also good reviews on review sites like Google Maps and Yelp can attract more people to check you out and also improve conversions. In this article, I’ll outline the steps we go through for ourselves and clients to increase the number of testimonials available and get good reviews too.test

Google maps next dimension As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, there are a growing number of reviews on the Web for all types of products and services not just restaurants and hotels, on sites such as Yelp, Google Maps, Bing, shopping search sites and many industry/market information sites and places.

There is no doubt having testimonials and good reviews can help persuade people to at least consider doing business with you. Meanwhile, good reviews on sites such as Google Maps or Yelp can encourage people to click to learn more about what you have to offer from among a list of competitors.

Here is a guide to increase the number of testimonials available and get good reviews from clients. You can adapt them to your own benefits

1- Make Sure Your Customers Are satisfied

You should be working hard to ensure that your customers are always happy,  especially that unhappy clients are the ones most likely to post the negative reviews. You should work to identify both your satisfied and unsatisfied clients. Depending on the nature of your business, you could send out a satisfaction survey or call your customers from time to time.

What we do is to ask our clients, “Would you take a call from a prospective client?” If they say yes, we know they are reasonably happy. If we don’t get an answer, we may have a problem. If you find unhappy clients or don’t hear back, you should take steps to learn what you need to do to correct that negative issue.

2- Ask for A Testimonial Or Enter A Review Online

After you’ve identified your happy customers, you can ask them if they’ll write a testimonial or enter a review online for you, I suggest you keep it simple and ask for one or the other and not talk about both at the same time.

Here’s my advice when asking for testimonials or reviews, along with some tips for each one.


When and if a client says they’d be happy to write a testimonial, let’s wait for 2 weeks. If we don’t see anything after that amount of time, we send a very gentle reminder and include some testimonials from other clients as a triggers . Often, we send along some of what we consider to be key achievements to consider writing about.

Sometimes I  take note of any positive statements a client says that we might remind them of later. For example, a client remarked in front of others in a meeting, “This is the first time we tried any online marketing that has worked.” Later, when we asked for a testimonial, I reminded him of what he/she once mentioned.

Try to Use the testimonials, in whole or in part, on your website, in proposals, email marketing, even some social venues where you can.

Place Testimonials on pages important in the conversion process and landing pages. Don’t just put testimonials on a Testimonials page where many of your site visitors may not see them. Put one or two prominently on the important pages people typically view as they are learning about what you have to offer.

Once you have a testimonial you might ask some of your clients if they’d be willing to do a video testimonial. You can use them on your website and some social venues, too  A video testimonial placed prominently on an important page in the conversion process should attract the eye, and people will very likely watch it.


Try to ask some of your happy clients if they’ll enter a review online for you. You can ask some of the clients who have done testimonials for you, but wait till enough time has passed after they wrote the testimonials, so you don’t risk being annoying.

How to Ask For Customer Reviews?

You may need to develop the process you’ll use to ask for reviews, and it will surely evolve over time. Here are some tips that may help

• Try to Make it simple. Make sure it is easy, simple and fast for customers to provide a review. Ideally, go through the steps of submitting a review yourself, or even better, do it with a key customer and document the process thoroughly (ideally with screen shots) so you understand the process. Then, you’ll be prepared for questions from customers as they are entering a review. You might even give clients detailed instructions on how to use each review site.

 Find the best review sites for you and your industry. Search on your company and product names with and without adding “reviews” to the search to find most of the public reviews already in place. In case have some bad reviews appearing in the search results, decide if you should respond publicly.


Try to Search on some of your important non-brand keywords and scan the results for reviews. Also Search on the company and product names of your industry leaders and some of the ones at the top of the search results, and you may uncover more review sites where your own company name hasn’t appeared to now



Try to Focus on one or two review websites at a time. It’ll make the effort simpler and much less time consuming for you and your people. You can rotate which ones you focus on as time goes



• Google Reviews: If you have a local focus, you’ll certainly want some good reviews on Google Maps,Google+ Local,  Google requires a Google Account in order to post a review. Not everyone will have a Google Account, and those who don’t may not want to spend the time to set one up just to submit a review. So, try to have an alternative review site for them that is easier to post reviews on. Also look for happy customers who have a Google email account (such as since you’ll know they have a Google Account already




Try to Get them started right away if you can. I know of one client which has a PC in their waiting room. They walk happy clients right up to it and get them started on a review post



 The unique idea of Business cards with review sites. Some businesses hand out a business card with the URL or simple instructions for an important review site listed on them



 Try to Hand out directions. Some businesses hand out a sheet with simple directions to get them started at a review site or two



 Try to Add a request to an email. Add a message to an email you send out to clients about some other topic. For example, there’s a cooking class in Ennis that we took while there. After you attend the class they send out a message with some free recipes. At the end of the message they add, “Last pleasure to ask… can you write a review on (whatever) about our Tuscan cooking class?” Because of all the good reviews they have, they were ranked as one of the top things to do in their city on that focus



 Try to Create a webpage on your website with links to your profiles on Google, Yelp, Yahoo etc. If you decide to make this page public, add a note asking people to write a review for you




It’s best to get reviews in a natural progression over time, so don’t ask all you clients to do this at the same time.

The conclusion:

the tips above can help you get testimonials and good reviews for your business, as well as information that can help you overcome bad reviews. The Good reviews on sites like Google Maps and Yelp encourage more people to check you out and help improve your conversions and sales.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.


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