Smarter Ways to Generate Website Traffic

Smarter Ways to Generate Website Traffic

To build an online business is almost the same as building a brick and mortar business. You need to devote long hours and an unlimited amount of dedications in order to see any success.traffic

You must fathom the fact that you can’t go into building an online business without realizing that it can take several years to become a wealthy individual.

If you are not willing to put in the time then guess what will happen?  Taking shortcuts do not work towards quality and will always lead to problems down the line.

For you to get website traffic you have to seek it out, you have to go looking for it. In today’s world you have to seek out the areas where people gather and being that our businesses are online, we need to seek out where people gather online. I’m sure you know where that is?

For those of you who may still be scratching your heads for the answer, that place is called (Social Media).

I know some of you may be fearful of getting involved with social media but you better get over that fear because without social media you have no chance of getting enough website traffic. Social media is where the majority of people online hang out.

However you do not want to hang out on social media. Ultimately you want to go in, post and share your content, and get out. Staying around and commenting and liking everyone’s comments and photo shares does nothing for the advancement of your online business. It’s all nothing but a distraction.

It is very normal traffic does not come fast.

Sharing and posting your content on social media is not as cut and dry as it may seem. You can’t just post and expect to get traffic flowing you. That is not how it works. You have to lay the foundation for that traffic. Just like a town needs to build the infrastructure to handle the future traffic that will be flowing through it, you have to do that with your social media experience too.

How we do it?

You need to build your target audience by networking with people that have an interest in your topic. You can search for those keywords within the social media forums or communities and become a part of it.

As you become a member of a community do not start sharing your content right away.

You want to first network with the other members by commenting on their posts and/or liking them, +1 if you are on

You want to do this for a couple of days so that the other members will take notice of you but as another member and not as someone who is there to spam them with your shared posts, even though that is your intention.

 Be like a fox, Make friends first and promote to them later, slowly.

Once you do start sharing your content, take note of who likes, comments and/or shares your posts. Then invite those people to follow you, thus building your target audience. This will be a slow and ongoing task that will never come to an end.

Public – Private

While you are in the process of building up your target audience you still should be sharing your content with those who have already started to follow you. To do this you could share your content under the setting of “Private” which will only go to those who are following you.

However you will not have as great a reach to the people out there. So what you should always be doing is sharing your content with the setting of “Public” so that more people can see your content on their news feed.traffic1

Other types of traffic out there

So far we mostly talked about the importance of Social Media and how it is a major player in getting increased traffic let us not forget the other important factors that will increase traffic.

The most important factor is having well written content and to have a lot of it.

Having a combined dozen pages and posts is right around the point where Google starts to take your website as a whole seriously. So be prepared to write about 30 or more pages/posts of content.

A unique quality content will get Google’s blessing and they will eventually rank you high. The closer you are to Page 1 for your targeted keyword the more exposure you will get as far as search engine concerned . The more exposure you get, the more traffic that will come to your website and that traffic can become customers.

So it all boils down to well written quality content.

Of course If you want your content to rank well in Google so you can get more traffic, you better know everything there is to know, good and bad, about your niche. If you are not an authority on your niche, kill2Google will be able to tell by the content you write. Like Matt Cutts of Google has said, “To write good content you have to enjoy what you are writing about.” This is why it is very important to pick a niche that you love.

Finally to do any of this you need confidence in yourself and your ability to carry out this dream, this desire you have of becoming your own boss with an online business. Your website can make you money in many ways, even ways you may not have originally expected it.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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