Simple Tips To Increase Your PageRank

Simple Tips To Increase Your PageRank

What is page rank?pagerank3

Page rank is Google’s own way of evaluating an authoritative or popular website is, on a scale of 1 to 10. Where 10 implies to the most trusted site, and 1 describes the least.

Google evaluates the page rank by the total aggregated vote of all inbound links to a website. So, If you want to increase the page rank of your website in a short period of time, then adhere carefully to the following.

Lets first remember- Quality backlinks are the basis on which Google evaluates page ranks. Always try to Acquire quality backlinks from quality or authoritative websites to increase your page rank.

Page ranking by back links

1. From Blog : Try Acquiring back-links by leaving comments on blog posts.

2. Use Directory listing: List Your profile with a link of your website or blog on a respected directory who contributes link juice and helps increase your page rank. And Because, make sure your profile link there is  DoFollow. Your site should be listed on at least ten directories to boost the page rank dramatically.

Take advantage of social mediasocia4

3. Take advantage of Social media Profiles: Also, social media profiles also provide the “ DoFollow ” attribute links and significantly can increase your page rank. Try to Join as many social media site as you can, its all free.

Guest blogging is as important

4. The positive effect of Guest blogging on page ranking: While blog posts for back-links requires patience and efforts, but still You never know, your post might not be accepted by the blog you are writing,  But still you should write guest posts once in a while to add a spice to your approach .

5. Try to  use the NoFollow attribute carefully, Also keep in mind- Using NoFollow attribute throughout the site is not the best strategy.

6.  Try to make your comment section a NoFollow: Usually they are by default, almost all blogs have NoFollow attribute for comment section. But, to make sure of this, double check on it again.

7. Try implementing Special backlinks:pagerank4

Links from respected places like Wikipedia, .Gov and .Edu are labeled respectful .  Even though its not that easy to get backlinks from such sites, try to give it a shot, there is nothing to loose.

8. The importance of Internal linking : How well your website is linked together ? Linking your pages together is extremely important to your visitors, yourself, and search engines love it, they don’t have to work as hard, this will dramatically increase your page rank.

9. Try to be a master at your niche: If you own a blog, and popular in your niche by blog commenting,  guest post writing,  or publishing, expect Google’s quality factors to  kick in And help increase your page rank..

10.  site structure and clean coding: This does affects page rank. Your website should be W3 compatible. Check your site for coding error. Navigation, breadcrumbs and site maps are also important for the ultimate and search engine friendly website.

11. Website- Page loading speed: Search engines appreciate fast loading websites pages. This is not only important for an SEO point of view but also for  increasing page rank easily and effectively.

12. How old is your domain: If you have started your site or blog very recently, consider registering the domain name for at least 3 years.

Google doesn’t trust websites that are registered for 1 yr only, and may label them as a spam site. If your domain is older than 2 years, you are more likely to qualify for Google’s trust and the well deserved page rank.

Listen to what Matt Cutts has to say about pagerank in this video below.


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