There Is Great Money In Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever heard people say that affiliate marketing sucks? That’s because for many  people, affiliate marketing does suck for real.affiliate market

But Affiliate marketing is supposed to be one of the easiest ways to  make money online, right? You don’t need your own product, there’s no shipping,  inventory or customer service to deal with and even some of the commissions,  especially with electronic products, can be as much as 50-100% and more.

So where is the sucks part?

May be because many affiliate marketers don’t make any easy sales. They find a  product they like, they spend time setting up a site or blog, they write, read and  promote, and all they have to show for their hard work is a crying bank account! Wouldn’t that be discouraging to anyone trying to make money online or even offline?

To some affiliate marketing wasn’t the best money maker until they made some pretty significant changes that things began to change.

For beginners, affiliate marketing takes work, but not just any work, you have  to do the things that make the affiliate marketing business model work. In other words creating a pretty website, posting affiliate links and expecting people to start crazily click and buy, is a recipe for failure…and that does not go well with many.

So… Don’t follow the failure path, here’s how to ride the right path…

1- Select a Focused niche

exercise is not a niche. Shoes is not a niche. I can say that now because  those were my first affiliate sites. Big mistakes, The topics are too broad and it’s hard to get a handle on what to sell much  less what people coming to your site are actually looking for. A good niche has  a much narrower approach.path

For example, lets suppose you love skincare,  what about skin care is most appealing to  you? Find a niche market by focusing in on a subset of skin care, then focus in  on a demographic sense.

Another good example might be anti-aging skin care for women over 55. Anti aging is  a common concern for women, and it’s even more of a concern for the demographic of women over 55.

2- Try to Create a Themed Website

Build a website around a theme as opposed to a product. You could certainly build a site around one specific product, but what happens when that product no  longer in market? I prefer to create a site around a specific interest or problem and find several quality affiliate products that will complement the theme of  the website or blog.

Begine by creating a WordPress blog or you could even create a traditional  website. Once your site is ready,  add related categories and populate it with useful, interesting information that  your target audience is interested in.

3- Don’t Promote rubbish!

Within your specific niche there are tons of products and  services to promote. You’ll also notice that there’s a lot of junk too,  and that goes for most niches.donkey

Try to be choosy with the products you promote, find the best affiliate marketing programs by selecting carefully. Make sure you promote quality products  and that the product’s website has a good presence with a smooth sales  process and order.

I myself like to try the product or service first before I promote it.  It’s hard for me to be convincing and compelling if I choose no to. Not everyone likes  the idea of having to buy the product or service first, and if you’re one of  those naturally  born marketers that could convince anyone to buy whatever, then by  all means go for it, but for most of us, it’s smarter to try the products we  promote before hand.

Also I  like to get to know the affiliate manager. If the affiliate program is  a good one, the manager will go the extra mile to help with the promotion giving you  personalized help and ideas. After all if you’re successful, they are too.

4- Try to Create an email Opt-in List

Most Affiliate marketers new to the business sometimes shy away from email  marketing. That’s another mistake. Having even the tiniest email list of subscribers can make you some exceptional income because those people on your list are a highly converting crowed. They’ll be actually asking you to tell them what great  things to buy.

Remember not to be misled. They may not buy immediately. Build their friendship and  their trust first. Help them get to know you and you them. Once they begin to know and trust you, that’s when they’ll take you up on what you are offering. If you need help creating your list, sign up for my free email tips and  you’ll have a targeted list built in no time.

My final word…

In case you are thinking affiliate marketing sucks because you just can’t make a go of  it, let me just tell you that you can. Your problem may be as simple as missing  a few key tips.

As soon as you find a focused niche, create a blog or website that addresses issues  people need to know about, find great products and build a list of interested  people, it’s just a matter of fine tunings before the sales will begin the journey.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



Sam Ammouri

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