Monetize Your Website Smartly

Great Ideas To Monetize Your Website

Now that you have a website, the big question is how to monetize it and start making money off it. Here is some ideas you can incorporate and benefit from on your quest to monetize your money2

Content Creation And free lance writing

Many people are paid to write articles for other people. Many of those people that are busy working and love to leave this part to other writers, and that is where you come in!

Of course Not everyone is a great writer, so instead of spending their time where they aren’t good enough, they want to concentrate at their strong points, while maximizing yours at the same time.

Not only can you get paid for writing articles, but also helping others create the main parts of their site with needed content. Speaking of Videos and tutorials not everyone knows how to shoot one, operate, or upload.

And even if they might know how, having you to it for them could possibly be the best choice for them if this enables them to concentrate on other aspects of the website.

Be a service consultant:

Here you might be saying that you don’t know enough, or are old enough to consult with anyone. That just is not true.  “There is an audience out there for you .” Lets say you are in some kind of a sports, and still in high school. You can help others in middle schools into anything.

This can be anything. Can you give advice? Have you been in a business or have a little background? Well you would know more,  then someone who’s just starting out, and I’m very sure they would be happy to hire someone so that they wouldn’t have to learn and pay the hard or wrong way.

Affiliate marketing- Very popular

For those who still don’t know Affiliate marketing  is where you help promote someone else product for commission . Amazon is a good example, you can place banners or links to their products on your website. And when someone goes through your link or banner to their website and make a purchase, you get a money3

Affiliate programs are very popular and everywhere. So if you are going to ask what someone should get, I would check to see if they have an affiliate program. Because even if you aren’t “selling” it and just referring  something to someone, you might be able to get commissions off it.

Writing website reviews

Like the say- an author needs an editor, so does a website. If asking Why? Because pretty much it is just writing on the screens instead of writing on a papers. But website has a lot more issues though. Varies from Navigation, do all links work,  does it flow all together?

All these things need to be addressed and thought of and it is best if you have someone else look at it because they don’t know how it is suppose to look. So what might look like easy navigation to you isn’t to your visitors.

Did you ever notice that any good book that is published has an editor. Website owners need their websites to go through the same editing process. If they are going to pay someone, they might as well pay you for the same job.

And if you get good on it and can present a good review in a short period of time, then they can get it up and running faster which means more money for both.

Building blogs for others

Many Professional blogs are built everyday and many might want to pay someone to set it up for them. Many people see their blog as an effective tool in a serious business and don’t want to spend the time it takes to learn much about building it. They just rather focus on what they do good, and let someone else set up their blog. And that person they pay could be money4

Turn it into a specialty, or just do it on the side. Either way you should try to produce the highest quality in a shorter period of time. Your income will soar and so will your business.

Some people may build websites and sell them to others, you could help set up websites for others. You can mix this with content creation as well. They can pay you to set up their blog and you’ll get paid very well.

creating Themes plugins widgets

If you are good at  HTML, you can create plugins, widgets, themes and more. Many have made  lots of money creating themes for the WordPress website builder giant. Serious website owners know the value of a quality theme. If you have the HTML knowledge base and the well to create a theme, and the willingness to support it, one of those themes could make you real rich.

According to plugins, many good ones are for free, however plugins like Gravity and scribe make their customers happy and the builders rich. How you can earn your income is through an upfront purchase, through donations, or premium upgrades that improve the experience from the free offered copy.

Building membership websites

It is One of the most profitable ways to earn income. Getting leads is one thing, but the big riches isn’t just by giving away a free e-book and then selling another for $14.95. It is to get people to sign up and have a recurring income coming to you endlessly. (Residual income).

If you noticed webmasters selling the e-books, you might think that they are making tons of money with it. That is called a front-end product and is there to entice people, although of course giving them value, but to get them to go to the back-end product. Which can be a more expensive training, or better to be a membership website.

Hope this article has given you some monetizing insight,  please feel free to leave a comment if you need any further help and share to help others with these ideas they may badly need


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