How To Own A Website


Important Questions You Should Know The Answers For

Who owns your domain? Who owns your website? How do you spend your money when it  comes to websites? Is it an investment in the future of your business or a hobby site?Are you spending money to get traffic? what are your costs Who is managing your Internet Marketing Program? Is it done by a person or a company? Do you have access to your website or is it being held like a  hostage by somebody else?

The importance of Domain Name Ownership

This is the most important part of your website life and Internet Marketing Program who owns the domain name. Is it in your name? And Where is it registered? Do you have any  access to your login account? Can you get in and move the domain hosting if you have to do it?

How bad would it be to lose control of your website domain and see a competitor’s info show up on your own domain? Is it set to renew right? Can you Imagine the nightmare of losing your domain, because someone else forgot to maintain the correct billing information of it.

How Much Do Domains Cost?

GoDaddy is offering (.com) domains for $13.99/year. The cost can range anywhere from FREE to $39 per year if you contract direct with the company that provides registration. The price may also vary depending on the service needed.

It would be nice to dubble check on the domain to make sure is it yours or does it belong to the webmaster company providing you with the service?  Make  a search on DomainTools and see what transpire under registrant info. Is it your name or your webmasters name? If it turned out to be your webmaster you better make sure you have a good relationship with them and keep it in good terms.

Beware of the free Domains – Usually these domains are wrapped up in Hosting or some other kind of a service! Getting control of these domains (should you decide to leave the service or company) is difficult.

Try to also be Cautious buying your domain through  FREE Hosting services .  Free hosting options like and have their benefits – make sure you are in a position to relocate the website and domain in case you outgrow that service or need more features than what you are getting currently for free.

The Hosting Options

Decide where your site is going to be hosted. Is it on shared hosting network or with a webmaster’s other sites that could endanger your marketing campaigns? Can you get a direct access or does your webmaster hold all the account login info ? Is this account protected from spammers and hackers? And what if it goes down? Do you have to rely on yourself  or can you call the company directly for any problem?

And now that you know some of the basics how about if I can make you own and build a free website in 30 seconds, and then run it freely for any type of business you wish.


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