Simple Ways To Choose Your Perfect Website Name

How To Choose Your Perfect Business Or Website Name

Most people will stand puzzled and confused how to name her/his business once an attractive niche has been chosen and this is the reason for this article today hoping it’ll clear some of the foggy road some may experience during this confusing battle, its your business and future after all, and one little mistake may make or break someone before even the get go.HAPPY2

Without making this topic long,  your business name must conjure up an attractive image; it must also separate you from your competition and say something about your product or service. I find that many names are professional sounding and technically correct, but boring, indistinguishable and forgettable to many.

Having said that,  a poor name can be a liability – A marketing stumbling boulder. Some companies use their founder’s surname, this is appropriate and common in some professions like accounting, consulting or even law firms and I do encourage it. But in other areas, it might not be such a good way of creating a business-like behavior or style.

To choose the best name and to simplify your search here are few questions you need to answer:

Let’s take out a piece of paper and a pencil and make some lists. Before you do that make sure to first write down a brief description of your business.

1- Who is your target market ?

2-  What separate your business from the competition? Briefly describe your product or service ?

3- What are the benefits for you target market ?

4- What would you like your name to accomplish ?

5- What word or phrase to would appeal to your target market ?

6- Does it have a good ring to it ?

7- Is it easy to remember ?

And now remind yourself of the profile of your target market. Try to contemplate the proposed names would have on them. Are they young adult students or are they older people acting young?

Is it for woman only or just for men?

Do they expect professional image of you or more casual feeling is okay?

What Is it a high end, middle class or a combination of both?name

And now you try to incorporate into your name words that these people may find attractive, and be sure to avoid ones they might not find it so.

Try to List the names of your competition and analyze what you like and dislike, what works and what doesn’t work among the names. Will deviating from the established names pattern in your industry set you apart as a vibrant newcomer or as just odd position?

Once you’ve come up with a name you’ll have to ensure that no one else in your industry, (or related field), is incorporating it . You can check by doing a name search and once you find out no one is using it then try to register it before someone else snatch it away.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.


Sam Ammouri

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