How To Protect Your Blog Comments From Spams

How To Protect Your Blog Comments From Spams

Blog spam is really frustrating and the bane of the bloggers existence. It seems as if we will never be able to stop the spam from coming due to a collaboration between spam-bots and human spammers.spam2

Here is some useful steps to protect your blog as well as your readers from it.

1. uncheck anyone can register
2. Signal Akismet to hold all comments for moderation.
3. Place a zero tolerance policy on links in comments – this is exactly what the spammers are after, to get a link on your website via the comments.

Almost 99% of links posted in comments are spam links. If you search the WP community you can even find help on how to hide the URL field in the comments form from humans. Spam Bots will still see it and will fill it in – This is good in a way because it makes it a cinch to identify them.
4. If you blog in a time sensitive niche then turn the comments off after a couple of weeks.
5. Always apply Use captcha when available even though it won’t stop the human spammers.
6. Never putt off your guard,  Be ever vigilant, this is your blog – and moderate your comments daily.
7. Never click a link in the comments unless you know the person who posted it.

Of course there is more tips that pops daily to prevent blog spams, keep yourself updated at all times by visiting the WordPress forums on what’s new against blog spams.

Always remember that this is like a war and the spammers are just the foot soldiers of a far worse entity whose goal is to totally undermine your website.

Sometimes it’s just to cheat and get as many links to their own landing pages as they can while avoiding being penalized by the search engines,  other times it’s far worse like a malware attack if the link they give is clicked, that’s why I tried to warn you of that above.

Spam Filtering with Akismet

First, you need to activate the Akismet. Akismet is comes automatically installed out-of-the-box so you just need to activate it and set up a API key.

Next, add the following Akismet-related options into the appropriate fields in you form.

1. akismet:author
Add this option to the field that accepts the name of the sender.
Example: [text* your-name akismet:author

2. akismet:author_email
Add this option to the field that accepts the email address of the sender.
Example: [email* your-email akismet:author_email]

3. akismet:author_url
Add this option to the field that accepts the URL of the sender.
Example: [text your-url akismet:author_url]

It’s recommended to set all of the options for accurate judgment), Contact Form 7 will send Akismet all of the sender’s input and the information relating to the submitting activity. Akismet will then judge whether this submission is likely to be spam.

When Akismet judges the submission as spam, Contact Form 7 cancels the sending of mails and shows a message that says, “it failed to send the message.” You’ll see an orange border around the response message when judged as spam.


Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



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