Rank Youtube Videos Smartly

Smart Ways To Rank Your You tube Videos

I get this question too often from my crowed and its really not that difficult to be honest. Most People tend you1to over think things and to over complicate them!…What I’m going to address here does not only hold true for YouTube ranking, but for pretty much anything to do with ranking. Here are some of the questions questions I get often along with the answers. Also, some SEO tips on how you can rank high.

1. What is good to build tiered links to a YouTube video or just tier 1 links?

Well, since YouTube is already an Authority and more likely its going to penalize itself, it doesn’t matter here. However What I would suggest you do  is make use of URL shortening services. By that I mean, when you do back-linking, you need to use all these different “short versions” of your YouTube URL so that it looks more natural instead of just linking all the links to your normal video URLS.

 2. Are views/ subscribers important in terms of ranking a YouTube video in Google?
Yes, retention views are important, but I always suggest some regular non retention views in there as well simply because not every single user watches the entire video. Subs does help to a certain extent with regards to Authority, but I would suggest sending some links to your Channel as well as your Videos.

3. How many links can be built to a brand new video on a brand new channel?

Well, the amount of links doesn’t really matter to be honest as they don’t all get indexed at the same time. It does take time. For instance, I have ranked highly competitive videos with just a few views, comments, favorites, likes and social bookmarks with social medias.

4. What is more important when Social indicators vs. high P.R backlinks

Both are important, but since YouTube is owned by Google, they are putting more and more emphasis on Social media Signals. I’d say mix it.seo3

here are some more tips on how to get your videos ranking and high

The title

Make sure you add your Keyword(s) to the Title (Very much important), for example “How to control your behavior/ Learn the art of controlling your behavior. And so on.

The Description

Add your keyword(s) to the description. Do not overdo it and make sure you have 400 – 500 words of content. You want to have a clear Call to Action as well here. Some prefer putting their links at the beginning, but this is down to pure personal preference and has not real effect on ranking.

The Tags

Try to add your keywords and a combo of them as for TAGS. Why not Copying your competitor’s tags!

Here is a TIP- Right Click – View Source – then Search for “Keywords” and go to the second batch to see ALL their tags. Copy and paste the 25 most relevant ones to your video. Done!

The Video File Name

You must Make sure to name the video file using your keyword(s). This is very important and such a simple important step that most people skip over.

The Channel Name

If possible, make your channel name the same or similar to your keywords And again, so simple and important that most people skip over.

The Social Signals

Try to Send a combo of regular and retention views. Why? Well, to be honest even “Gangnam Style” with its Billions of views didnt have the perfect retention. Try to Send further social signals such as Likes, Dislikes, Comments,  Favs, Subs etc… to the video and channel.

All this should builds reputation and makes the videos stand out more. Think of it this way, whould you rather watch a video with 2 Million views or with one million?you2

The Back-linking

Don’t worry and Send  as manySocial Bookmarks to your video. Do not worry about too many here as YouTube is an authority in itself. In here You can be as creative as you want to be.

LASTLY- Another great way of doing this is to go to URL shortening services and get as many different versions of your Video URL to use as anchor text links when back-linking. It would look more natural to Google as well as YouTube done this way.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.



Sam Ammouri

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