How To Run An efficient WordPress Website

Running An efficient WordPress Website

In most times, you will find some really effective WordPress websites with cool features. Knowing how to utilize the features that are afforded by this platform can make a difference in the site success . increase the efficeincy of your website

There are many ways in which you can transform your blog into a completely enhanced website without much doings. Adding some aspects will require a certain degree of technical skills but there are others that can be applied by anyone.

To make your site attractive & efficient , you must go beyond the default features and make your website/blog stand out without compromising functionality.

Check out these awesome WordPress tricks to improve efficiency…

1. Web Hosting Service

Speed and quality is imperative for a successful website. There are many types of hosting services available for WordPress including the free platform. Note that your host will influence the reliability of your pages.

Most free hosting is very restrictive and does not give much power over the designs and complete control over what goes on the website. Choosing the right web hosting with good servers will speed up your website and give quality services for increased efficiency. Some popular and affordable hosts for WordPress include

  • Host Gator,
  • Blue Host ,
  • and the Host Monster.

2. Splitting Long Posts

When a WordPress post is too long, the speed of loading will be greatly reduced. This coupled with the amount of data on a single page will drive people away. If you can create your long post and then break it into smaller pages you will see increased efficiency in loading and consequently, your page views will increase.

The trick is very simple and can be accomplished by adding “next page” tag if you are using a template that offer such this functionality.

3. External Material

Incorporating widgets and shortcuts may make your WordPress website look good but it greatly reduces the efficiency. There is a common reliance on external websites both directly or by using plug-in features. Most of these take a lot of time to load and they end up slowing your website down. Add only scripts you think are completely necessary.

4. Images

Posts & pages with images are much more fun to read and they increase the likability of a WordPress website. However, high quality images are a big liability to the website efficiency. It is important to have a good image but it doesn’t have to have very high grade resolution. Yes, There are plug-in resources available to help reduce the sizes without compromising the quality of your images.


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