Should I Spin My Articles

What is article spinning?- Should I Spin My Articles?

Spinning  an article is taking a single article and creating hundreds of unique articles off it. The idea is SPINNINGvery simple. You did your research , collected enough data and  quotes, put together some resources, and also you have put all your thoughts together.

You also spent may be hours preparing a great article to submit to article directories. But you want to place hundreds of unique articles and content, but not carbon a copy or duplicate content. This is what spinning articles is all about. Incorporating the energy you’ve put into creating a single article, and turning it into hundreds of articles.

Here are some steps to spin an article

1) The title

The title is the most important. replace unique titles from scratch.  Many of them are similar, but many are quite different too.  The keyword is prominent in most of them, but not in all though.

2) The Sentence

It is important enough, so try to write 4 or 5 versions  in completely different style.  passive or active, first or third person… etc.  Meaning,  try to spin the whole sentence, not just individual words.

3) Entire paragraphs

Try to do the same  Take a paragraph, and rewrite it so it looks longer. And again rewrite it so that it is two or even paragraphs, the more you change the more unique each article will look.

4) Long Paragraphs into short paragraphs… bullet list

Try at least once in the article to rewrite a long paragraph as a short paragraph followed by a bullet SPIN1list. This helps to create a few versions of the list, changing the order of the bullets and even removing some of them in some versions helps tremendously. The Bullet lists are the easiest to play around with, because you can change the order of the bullets very easily, or add or remove individual bullets at ease.

5)  As you rewriting a words

you shouldn’t  always choose a single word as a replacement option, try sometimes to change a whole phrase.

6) When creating options

Always remember, the more options you have to change the article,  the better it will look as a fresh new content to search engines.

7)  linked text.

This is very important, Try to vary the pages the links point to… vary the link text and the surrounding text. Most article directories give you two links in your resource box, so vary whichever comes first.

After all what has been written here I want you to know that duplicate content pages give less link value than unique content pages.  But nobody know just how unique a page needs to be to make any difference if any.

Hope this was of a great help, for further assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below- visit the home page to learn more on how to master the online world.


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